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Cameron University to offer free CLEET training to counter human trafficking

The Cameron University Department of Social Sciences will offer training sessions to law enforcement officers who are seeking continuing education on the topic of human trafficking. Presented in partnership with The Red Cord and the Human Trafficking Training Center, the two-day training is set for Tuesday, April 26, and Wednesday, April 27, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Shepler Ballroom. The training sessions will be conducted by Dan Nash and Alison Phillips, co-founders of the Human Trafficking Training Center.

The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) has approved each of the two sessions for eight hours of continuing education credit. Attendees may attend one or both sessions. There is no cost to attend; however, attendees may RSVP by contacting Phillips at alison@humantraffickingtrainingcenter.com.

“Human Trafficking Interdiction,” will take place on Tuesday, April 26, and is designed to provide patrol officers with the signs and indicators of possible human trafficking victims in the course of their everyday duties and how to conduct an initial investigation into this type of crime. Attendees will learn how to recognize the indicators of a possible human trafficking incident, how to ascertain if a party is a victim of human trafficking and how to speak to them, the signs of trauma bonding and PTSD, how to use a victim centered approach (Special Victims Methodology) and how to identify possible electronic evidence of trafficking on cell phones. The session will also cover how to how to transition from a routine call or interview to a human trafficking investigation; how to interview a possible suspect in a human trafficking case; what the various multi-disciplinary groups are, how to use them and how to work with victim advocates; and understand where victims come from and how they are groomed.

On Wednesday, April 27, “Human Trafficking Proactive Operations” will provide attendees with the skills and tactics needed to prepare, set-up, avoid obstacles and operate various types of proactive human trafficking operations, including building a multidisciplinary team for greater success. Areas covered will include why proactive operations are important, how to prepare an operational plan and avoid obstacles before they arise; how to set up a multidisciplinary team and why the success of the project depends on it, how to use a victim-centered approach during the operation and how to use victim advocates during your operation. Additional information will include how to conduct casino, truck stop, hotel/motel, sex offender, train/bus depot, illicit massage business, and “traveler” operations.

The training sessions will be conducted by Dan Nash and Alison Phillips, co-founders of the Human Trafficking Training Center.

Nash is a retired Missouri State Trooper, where he spent 27 years investigating human trafficking, narcotics and vice, homicide and other violent crimes. He served as sergeant of the Human Trafficking Unit at the State Patrol and was the enforcement supervisor of the Missouri Attorney General’s Office Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force. Nash created the Special Victims Methodology for investigating human trafficking cases, which is now being used by numerous law enforcement agencies. He has been passionate about improving the anti-trafficking program within law enforcement and the community since 2012.

Phillips previously served as the director of the Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force for the Missouri Attorney General’s Office. In that role, Phillips built a strong, engaged multi-disciplinary team that conducted proactive operations, trained thousands of law enforcement and health care professionals, and implemented strategic initiatives such as “The Hope Initiative,” which resulted in the closure of 40% of the state’s illicit massage businesses and became a national model. She has nearly a decade of experience in counter human trafficking work, through advocating and mentoring survivors, in consultancy, event planning, coalition building, providing trainings, public speaking (including her own Ted Talk) and community engagement.

This event is made possible by the GEO Group Endowed Lectureship in Criminal Justice and Sociology.



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