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Cameron University to host Oklahoma/Arkansas Mathematics Association Sectional meeting

The Cameron University Department of Mathematical Sciences will host the 82nd annual meeting of the Oklahoma/Arkansas Mathematics Association Section from April 8-10. The meeting will take place virtually and will feature keynote addresses, workshops, undergraduate presentations and student competitions. The event is open to anyone who has an interest in mathematics. Registration is required. Registration fees range from $10 to $55. Registrants will receive login procedures, navigation and access to the lectures via email.

“It has been more than two decades since Cameron University had the privilege of hosting the OK/AR MAA Sectional meeting,” says Dr. Narayan Thapa. “Although the event will take place virtually this year, we look forward to hosting informational and educational sessions as well as exciting student competitions.”

Michael Dorff, Professor of Mathematics at Brigham Young University and past president of the Mathematical Association of America, and Dominic Klyve, Professor of Mathematics at Central Washington University, will present keynote addresses on Friday, April 9.

Dorff is committed to promoting mathematics to the general public, in non-academic careers in mathematics, and in undergraduate research. He co-directs the MAA PIC Math program (Preparation for Industrial Careers in the Mathematical Sciences) and was the founder of CURM (Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics). He is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, a CUR (Council on Undergraduate Research) Fellow, and a Fulbright Scholar in Poland. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky.

Klyve is the author of more than 50 papers in number theory, the history of mathematics and science, and applied statistics. He is the principle investigator for a $1.5 million TRIUMPHS grant, which promotes the use of primary sources in the teaching of mathematics. Klyve was a 2014 honoree of the MAA’s Alder Award, a national teaching award for young faculty who have a demonstrated impact within and beyond the classroom. He currently serves as editor of the College Mathematics Journal. He is currently on leave from his university to work as Lead Polymath for Know Labs, a Seattle tech start-up.

Student competitions in Math Jeopardy, modeled after the popular TV show and focusing solely on mathematical topics, and the Integration Bee, an integral calculus contest, will take place on Thursday, April 8. New faculty members employed at institutions in Oklahoma and Arkansas will attend for Section Next, a professional development program.

On Friday, April 9, in addition to the keynote presentations, undergraduate students and faculty members will presented their research.

Additional presentations will take place on Saturday, April 10, and a host of faculty and undergraduate workshops be offered.



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