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Cameron University student housing resident assistants honored with awards

Cameron University’s Office of Student Housing and Residence Life recently honored students who serve as resident assistants (RAs), who play a vital role in serving the students who live on campus in either the Shepler Towers or Cameron Village.

In announcing the awards, Chris Drew, Director of Student Housing and Residence Life, provided information about each of the honorees.

Ainsley Linzman, Duncan, was named RA of the Year. “Ainsley is a natural leader, and she has served as a role model for her residents and other staff members,” says Drew.

Linzman was also honored with the RA Volunteer of the Year award, recognizing her willingness to help other staff members as well as the time and talent she invested with the department’s Homecoming decorations.

Gioia Turco, Trieste, Italy, was recognized as RA Passive Programmer of the Year. “Gioia designed great bulletin boards and decorations for her community this year,” Drew says. “She also engaged her residents with the whiteboard in the floor lounge.”

Gracie Ortiz, Abilene, Texas, was recognized as RA Newcomer of the Year. Drew relates that “Gracie is quick learner who made a significant positive impact on our team and her residents.”

The award for RA Active Programmer of the Year was bestowed on Zara McCauley, Hahndorf, Australia. According to Drew, she consistently organized programs that were well attended by her residents.

Anthony Montoya, Tampa, Fla., was selected to receive the award for Team Player of the Year. Drew referred to him as “a very positive member of our team who brings joy to others.”



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