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Cameron University names Summer 2021 graduates

Cameron University is pleased to announce the names of students who completed graduation requirements at the end of the Summer 2021 semester.

Graduating baccalaureate and associate degree recipients with superior academic records are accorded special recognition. Students who have achieved an overall grade point average of 4.00 graduate "summa cum laude." Those whose overall grade point average is less than 4.00 but is 3.8 or above and is in the top five percent of the graduating class graduate "magna cum laude.” Those whose overall GPA is between 3.6 and 3.8 and is in the next 10 percent of the graduating class graduate "cum laude."

Graduates who authorized publication of their name are listed by degree and hometown. Superior academic recognition is designation as follows:

• *** - summa cum laude

• ** - magna cum laude

• * - cum laude

Associate in Applied Science

Duncan: Wyatt Main*

Associate in Science

Altus: Anastaisa Eichler*

Asheboro, N.C.: Taylor Hettinger

Cache: Donovan Osborne, Shelby Rademacher

Comanche: Emily Criswell***

Duncan: Kelly Barnard, Christine Durr*, Raylee Pain, Madison Stiles, Dawn Taylor

Frisco, Texas: Roger Williams

Lawton/Fort Sill: Miricle Carter*, Teresa Fowler, Deavion Holland, Hannah Muecke, Mercedes Smith, Amy Valderrama, Holli Lu Walrond

Tomball, Texas: Darius Green

Waurika: Legend Durbin

Bachelor of Accounting

Lawton/Fort Sill: Riley Anderson, Kristina Cooper

Bachelor of Arts

Altus: Paul Long*

Elgin: Brayden Milam

Bachelor of Business Administration

Blair: Shannon Gallagher

Duncan: Brian Bohannan

Elgin: Kyle Crouch

Lawton/Fort Sill: Dakota Phillips

Summerville, S.C.: Autumn Collins

Bachelor of Music

Lawton/Fort Sill: Braden Hatch

Bachelor of Science

Altus: Angelia Maytubbie

Cache: Brooke Grimes, Shayla Scott

Canadian, Texas: Hannah Anderson*

Comanche: Heather Wylie**

Cyril: Ereca Camero

Duncan: Makayla Meadows

Fletcher: Victor Jaquez

Frederick: Alexsis Vasquez

Lawton/Fort Sill: Gus Argyros, Michael Argyros, Madison Marshall*, Diana Martinez Hernandez, Tucker McKee, John Peterson*, James Sanders

Marlow: Amy McCarley

Ontario. Calif.: Sabrina Fisher

Pryor: Stephanie Bartee

Master of Business Administration

Jenks: Vinicius Rodrigues Dos Santos

Rochester, Minn.: James Long

Master of Education

Hobart: Dewaina Edge

Lawton/Fort Sill: Shinice Curry, Brandy Halley, Taylor Hutton, Aubrey Mithlo, Taylor Mithlo, Stacey Nobles

Sterling: Curry Coleman

Master of Science

Chickasha: Magdalene Perry

Elgin: Samantha Chapman

Fletcher: Stacie Garrett

Lawton/Fort Sill: Chad Hobbs, Margaret Ploof

Marlow: Kelsey Archer

Tipton: James Nunley


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