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Cameron University names Summer 2020 graduates

Cameron University is pleased to announce the names of students who completed graduation requirements at the end of the Summer 2020 semester.

Graduating baccalaureate and associate degree recipients with superior academic records are accorded special recognition. Students who have achieved an overall grade point average of 4.00 graduate "summa cum laude." Those whose overall grade point average is less than 4.00 but is 3.8 or above and is in the top five percent of the graduating class graduate "magna cum laude.” Those whose overall GPA is between 3.6 and 3.8 and is in the next 10 percent of the graduating class graduate "cum laude."

Graduates who authorized publication of their name are listed by degree and hometown. Superior academic recognition is designation as follows:

• *** - summa cum laude

• ** - magna cum laude

• * - cum laude

Associate in Applied Science

Cache: Matthew Fitch

Lawton/Fort Sill: Charles Criger, Kylie O'Briant*, Tyler Robinson, Sara Thorp

Tulsa: Ashlyn Hodges**

Yukon: Shaina Watkins

Associate in Arts

Oklahoma City: Caitlin Anders

Associate in Science

Blanchard: Jessyca Taylor

Comanche: Misty Coffey

Coquitlam, British Columbia: Hayden Jaco*

Dallas, Texas: Celso Ramirez

Elgin: Irene Arreola, Linda Olvera, Heather Snow

Fletcher: Rosetta Anderson, Dawson Register

Lawton/Fort Sill: Walter Berry, Christina Carpenter, Randall King, Dahlia Lewinson*, Amani McKinney, Tabitha Parker, Tyana Patterson

Marlow: Dustin Payne, Kyahna Simpson, Madison Welton*

Santa Rosa, Calif.: Lynnsey Manard**

Bachelor of Arts

Blanchard: Maci Fox

Lawton/Fort Sill: Madison Dirickson, Cameron Muse

Oklahoma City: Caitlin Anders

Sterling: Brooke Purkey

Bachelor of Business Admin

Coquitlam, British Columbia: Hayden Jaco*

Davidson: Christin Keyes

Guymon: Mason LeGrange

Lawton/Fort Sill: Jessca Burrell, Breanna McLinden

McKinney, Texas: James Curry

Bachelor of Music

Lawton/Fort Sill: Corbyn Nauman

Bachelor of Science

Banepa, Nepal: Prasanna Sharma Timalsina*

Blair: Victoria Green

Cache: Jerall Jones

Duncan: Hayden Moore*

Elk Grove, Calif.: Olivea Murillo

Fort Worth, Texas: Kristin Wilkins

Hollis: Turner Whorton

Lawton/Fort Sill: Aldo Flores, Madelyn Goodman, Ebony Harold, Larenzus Henderson, Samikchhya Humagain, Lindsey Hunter, Hanna Jimenez, Michael Milich, Gregory Norton, Damian Summerville

Tipton: Ashlee Tyler**

Master of Business Administration

Felsberg, Switzerland: Dario Gabriel

Mountain View: Summer Palmer

Woodbridge, Va.: Charles Kevin Edouard Owona Mouangue

Master of Education

Lawton/Fort Sill: Heather Durgin, Angela Rodriguez, Michel Schmidt

Master of Science

Cache: Mendie Cargill

Geronimo: Michelle Churchwell

Lawton/Fort Sill: Lori Chesnutt, Nadine Hanefield, Christopher Harper, Ashley McCarter, Jason Morales, Terry Ricer

Norman: Teresa Gilstrap-Murphree

Ryan: Amanda Spangler

Walters: Ellen Driskill


PR# 20-120

October 19, 2020

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