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Cameron University Department of Social Sciences names Outstanding Majors

The Cameron University Department of Social Sciences has honored eight students as “Outstanding Major of the Year” in Political Science, History, Social Studies Education, Sociology and Criminal Justice, the five degree programs that comprise the academic unit.

“We are extremely proud of each of these students,” says Dr. Lance Janda, Chair, Department of Social Sciences. “They were selected by our faculty based on their academic achievement, their service to the department and the university, and their great promise as graduates. We expect them to do great things when they leave Cameron.”

Claudia Ross, Altus, and Jonathan Ramos-Gatliff, Lawton, were recognized as “Outstanding Major of the Year” in Political Science. Ross was recognized for the dedication she shows to her studies and exceptional work ethic. When regularly engaging in classroom discussions, she made excellent observations and analytical points. Her exceptional written work routinely tackled interesting issues from original angles. This semester, she explored the role of state secrecy in the crisis at Chernobyl, which has developed into an excellent written paper. Ross is juggling family life and caring for her child, while completing her studies at Cameron to such a high standard, which is truly laudable.

Ramos-Gatliff was universally regarded by the political science faculty as a student worthy of the award. They found his capstone project, a paper on voting rights, to be exceptional. Ramos-Gatliff graduated magna cum laude earlier this month. He plans to attend law school in the future.

Blakeleigh Delgado, Elgin, and Joe Mills, Lawton, were honored as “Outstanding Major of the Year” in History. Delgado made a positive impression on faculty members during her freshman year – an impression which built during her entire Cameron tenure. During her studies, she developed a love of historiography, one of the more analytically challenging fields in history. A historiographic essay that Delgado wrote for one of her classes is the only historiographic paper that CHiPS, the departmental student journal, has published. One professor asserts that Delgado is someone who fellow students admire and on whom they depend for input and advice.

Mills, who earned a reputation for being enthusiastic about his research, was cited as writing papers “with keen insight and great passion.” He also demonstrated support for his fellow classmates and served as an unofficial cheerleader as he encouraged them and often helped them find additional sources. One professor noted, “It has been a great privilege to work with him.”

Malik Gandy and Casey Robison, both of Lawton, received the “Outstanding Major of the Year” award in Social Studies Education. While student teaching, Gandy provided his students, his classmates and his professors with a tremendous example of his dedication to public service. During his college experience, he put his education on hold to serve in the United States military. Upon completion of that service, he returned to Cameron to complete his degree in Social Studies Education. Gandy continues to serve others by bringing his intelligence and commitment into the history classroom.

While student teaching, Robison demonstrated a great ability to make connections with her students by sharing her enthusiasm for history and her dedication to making a personal and positive impact on each student. Through her care and concern, she taught her students the valuable lessons of history, that the students are important to her, and that each of them has a vital role to play in the community.

Hannah Reyes, Bryan, Texas, was named “Outstanding Major of the Year” in Sociology. Faculty members have praised Reyes for her academic achievement while balancing full-time employment and noted her excellent work ethic, which was frequently demonstrated through her exams and writing. Reyes hopes to pursue a graduate degree in the future, but first wants to gain experience in the field of child protective services as either a conservatorship worker, investigative worker, or home study specialist. She is also considering a career in youth-oriented corrections or as a youth development coach.

Hunter Gault, Elgin, was recognized as “Outstanding Major of the Year” in Criminal Justice. Gault is a 2022 Magna cum Laude graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree and an Associate in Science degree in Criminal Justice. She is a member of the Alpha Phi Sigma and Phi Eta Sigma honor societies. She has been active as a member of the Criminal Justice Undergraduate Research Team presenting original research at academic conferences in Oklahoma, California, and Nevada. She has also been a member of Cameron’s Criminal Justice Association.



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