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Cameron University congratulations Summer 2022 graduates

Cameron University is pleased to congratulate the students who completed graduation requirements at the end of the Summer 2022 semester. Fall graduates are eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies at the end of the spring semester. The 2023 Commencement is scheduled for 7:30 p.m., Friday, May 5, at Cameron Stadium.

Graduating baccalaureate and associate degree recipients with superior academic records are accorded special recognition. Students who have achieved an overall grade point average of 4.00 graduate "summa cum laude," those whose overall grade point average is less than 4.00 but is 3.8 or above "magna cum laude,” and those whose overall GPA is between 3.6 and 3.8 "cum laude."

Graduates who authorized publication of their name are listed by degree and hometown. Superior academic recognition is designation as follows:

• *** - summa cum laude

• ** - magna cum laude

• * - cum laude

Associate in Applied Science

Lawton/Fort Sill: Brandon Craig, Joseph M. Flood, Patrecka Fonvil, Jason R. Fritts, Ty L Nottingham

Associate in Arts

Kingwood, Texas: Ashlin G. Penn

Lawton/Fort Sill: Lindsey L Edwards

Associate in Science

Apache: Joely M. Lindsey*

Colorado Springs, Colo.: Jacob W. Brumaghin

Duncan: Holly L. Guillotte, Kimberly M. Myers*, Kadi A. Richardson, Emily M. Sutherland, Colton J. Williams*, Tayler L. Yarborough

Frederick: Alexis M. Sheffield

Harrah: Skylar R. McCord**

Hope Mills, N.C.: Katherine J. Kaltved

Kansas City, Kan.: LaKya Leslie**

Killeen, Texas: Alejandra I. Collier*

Lawton/Fort Sill: Jessica S. Day, Emily R. McKelvey, Alexis M. Shaver, Justin W Smith

League City, Texas: Preston R. Holmes

Marlow: Gavin B. Kizarr

Bachelor of Accounting

Duncan: Colton J. Williams*

Bachelor of Arts

Fletcher: Eric T. Garza

Geronimo: Emma R. Ferguson

Lawton/Fort Sill: Asante Hardin, Lauren M. Jessie, James J. Mills

Bachelor of Business Administration

Almaty, Kazakhstan: Iliya Taranin*

Duncan: Leslie A. Wheeler

Frisco, Texas: Roger B. Williams

Lawton/Fort Sill: Valerie D. Rucker, Darius D. Smith

Washington, D. C.: Marek P. Slojewski**

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Marlow: Elizabeth A. McMains**

Bachelor of Science

Altus: Melissa Hagen, Cheyanne L Hill

Anadarko: Ashley A. Bourdon

Cache: Chelsie Colwell

Cyril: Destiny L Short

Fort Campbell, Ky.: Anyssia N Johnson

Lawton/Fort Sill: Carissa N. Andres, Sunni S. Breeze, Alexis Chao*, Samantha C. Haney, Morgan J. Harless**, Sarah McKinzie, Kimberly D. Ritter, Jodi L. Ruiz*, Wesley Stafford***, Kerrigan M. Thorne

Marlow: Anna D. McMains, Kylee J. Sparks

Okmulgee: Anastasia Adamson

Stillwater: Eric T. Griggs

Weatherford, Texas: Kacie J. Gilreath

Master of Business Administration

El Paso, Texas: Edwin R. Bennett

Master of Education

Cache: Michelle S. Lutmer

Lawton/Fort Sill: Rebecca Craig

Master of Science

Duncan: Jasmine R. Afable, Abby S. Howell

Fletcher: Ashley N. Hammonds

Lawton/Fort Sill: Stephanie L. Shipley, Aubry A. Weatherly


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