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Cameron University celebrates the expansion of Unity Garden with tree planting ceremony

Cameron University celebrates the expansion of Unity Garden by planting three Chinese Pistache trees on the Lawton campus. The expansion of the Unity Gardens was precipitated by the addition of an atrium to the Eugene D. McMahon Library, which was made possible by a generous donation from the McMahon Foundation. The tree planting also provided a public service opportunity for student Wyatt Johnson to dedicate one of the trees to a deceased, long time employee of the University, Yvonne Fooshee.

“The Chinese Pistache tree is considered an ornamental tree,” says Dr. Mike Husak, a member of Cameron’s Tree Care Advisory Committee. “As it requires at least six hours of direct sunlight each day, is heat and drought tolerant. It thrives in this region and grows in acidic, alkaline, loamy, moist, sandy, silty loam, well drained and clay soils. We can expect the leaves to turn a vibrant shade of yellow and orange each fall. The tree has a medium growth rate, reaches a height of 30-35 feet with a spread of 25-35 feet.”

Other members of the Tree Care Advisory Committee are John Osborne, assistant director of Physical Facilities, student Wyatt Johnson and Jim Coe, community representative.



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