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Cameron professor, alumni honored with Best Paper award

“Numerical Processes for Appoximating Solutions of Nonlinear Equations,” a research paper co-authored by CU faculty member Dr. Ioannis K. Argyros, CU alumni Samundra Regmi and Christopher I. Argyros and Dr. Santhosh George has been honored with the 2024 Best Paper Award by Axioms, an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal of mathematics, mathematical logic and mathematical physics.

Ioannis K. Argyros is a professor of mathematics. Regmi, a 2019 CU graduate, is pursuing a doctorate degree in mathematics at the University of Houston, where he is a teaching assistant. Christopher I. Argyros earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2023 and is now pursuing a Master of Science degree at Georgia Institute of Technology. George is a professor of mathematics at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Mangaluru, India.

The paper, which presents generalized conditions of three-step iterative schemes for solving nonlinear equations, was published in Axioms in June 2022. All papers published between January and December 2022 were eligible for the 2024 Best Paper Award.



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