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Administrative Services 

Administrative Services supports the functions of all departments within Physical Facilities by coordinating communication, information, and performing required administrative duties in compliance with applicable University and State regulations.

Design and Planning Services

Design and Planning Services assist in various phases of the design and planning process regarding University resources while assuring compliance with applicable regulations and codes for the maintenance, operation, and protection of Cameron University facilities.

Campus Engineers

The Campus Engineers maintain, operate, repair, and secure the University's mechanical, electrical, heating/air conditioning systems, and plumbing resources.

Carpentry Shop

The Carpentry Shop maintains, services, repairs, and secures all the University buildings and exterior resources regarding structure, aesthetics, and functionality.

Custodial Services

Custodial Services maintains, cleans, and protects the interior of University buildings. In addition, Custodial Services prepare and maintain all campus facilities for University sponsored and/or approved events.

Grounds and Landscaping

Grounds and Landscaping develop, maintain, clean, and secure all exterior landscaping and University grounds. In addition, Grounds and Landscaping prepare the exterior of all facilities for University sponsored and/or approved events.

Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services inspects, repairs, supervises, installs, and reviews, locks and access control systems for Cameron University. In addition, locksmith services plans and executes master keying and re-keying of systems, cuts and issues keys to faculty and staff, and reviews and executes locksmith related work orders. Faculty and staff should fill out a key request form to receive keys. Advising and instructing of proper maintenance of access control systems is another function of this service.

Mail Services

Mail Services is the distribution center for all mail, packages, equipment, office supplies, furniture, and materials sent to Cameron University.

Signage Services

Signage Services design and provide all University building and room signs according to University and ADA (American with Disabilities Act) specifications. Signage services manufactures in-house and provides other signage services for University faculty upon request.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services maintain, service, and repair all University owned vehicles and equipment. In addition, transportation services prepares the vehicles for University sponsored and/or approved events.


The Warehouse continuously inventories equipment, materials, and supplies for Cameron University. The warehouse stores and protects resources that may be needed in University sponsored and/or approved events.