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Mail Services

The Mail Services Department is the distribution center for all U.S. and international mail, packages, priority mail, equipment, office supplies, furniture, and materials that is sent to Cameron University. All mail is delivered to Mail Services where it is sorted and prepared for delivery. Mail Services then delivers the mail to the Cameron Bookstore and University Departments. Mail Services also picks up outgoing mail from University Departments and takes it to the Bookstore for mailing. Mail Services also keeps records of all certified, registered, and insured mail.

All Deliveries Accepted from 7-12:00 and 1:00-4:00 Monday through Friday

For Questions about US Mail, please call: Cameron Bookstore at 581-2375

For Questions about Campus Mail, please call: Mail Services at 581-2422

Students are responsible for their own postage and mailing through the Cameron Bookstore or Shepler Center.

Services that the Mail Services Department do not perform include:

  • Mailing of Express (24 hour) Mail
  • Acceptance of COD's (Cash On Delivery)

If you are new staff/faculty to Cameron University, please contact us as soon as possible at: 581-2422

Please feel free to call the Cameron Bookstore at 581-2375 for any questions about their services. For information about Incoming Accountable Mail (mail that requires a signature), please call Mail Services at 581-2422.


Cameron University will distribute mail within the University campus for faculty, staff, and students. To send mail within the campus, put the individual's name and department on the envelope. No stamp is needed and give the mail to your department secretary.