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Green To Gold

Green to Gold Information: Come meet a member of our cadre and discuss the Green to Gold Program every second Tuesday of the month from 11:45 -12:45 at the Truman Education Center in room 11B at 3281 Koehler Loop on Fort Sill.



- The Green to Gold Two-Year Non-Scholarship Option Program is available to Soldiers who have completed two years of college, and who can complete their college degree requirements in two years. This option also allows for participation in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves in the Simultaneous Membership Program. Soldier is discharged from the Army under AR 635-200, Chapter 16-2 to attend school full time. This option is not competitive -- all soldiers that meet eligibility criteria are accepted. The application is submitted to and reviewed by the ROTC department of the college you wish to attend.


­ - There are two types of scholarships available: a boarded scholarship and a Commanding General Hip Pocket (CGHP) scholarship*. The scholarships are awarded for two, three, or four years. Must be a High School Graduate or equivalent. Soldier is discharged from the Army under AR 635-200, Chapter 16-2 to attend school full time for 2, 3, or 4 years. Applicants must submit a packet to Cadet Command NLT 1 DEC for the boarded scholarship and NLT 1 APR for the CGHP scholarship. To begin the application process, go to the scholarship option application page and create an account.


- The Green to Gold Active-Duty Option Program is a two-year program that allows eligible, Active Duty enlisted Soldiers to continue to receive Active Duty pay/benefits while completing a baccalaureate degree or obtaining a 2-Year Master's Degree and commission as an Army officer upon graduation. Applicants must submit a packet to Cadet Command NLT 1 DEC. Results are announced in January or February. To begin the application process, go to the Green to Gold Active-Duty Option application page and create an account. Cameron University has had more Active-Duty Option winners than any other college in America.

*The CGHP scholarship requires a nomination letter from the applicant's Division Commander.

The Green to Gold (GTG) Program identifies enlisted soldiers with officer potential. It assists them in transitioning from active duty to attend college and gain both a degree (baccalaureate or masters) and an officer’s commission. There are Scholarship, Non-Scholarship, and Active-Duty Options.

Soldiers that qualify for the GTG Program (except for those accepted for the Active-Duty Option) are discharged prior to the end of their current enlistment under provisions of AR 635-200, Chapter 16-2c. At the time of discharge, the soldier is contracted as a cadet in the Army ROTC program. Active-Duty Option soldiers are assigned for administrative purposes to the Student Detachment at Ft. Jackson and continue to receive their current pay and allowances while going to school full-time.

GTG programs do not conflict with veteran’s education benefits earned while on active duty. Cadets may use the G.I. Bill®, PELL Grants, and other financial benefits while participating in the ROTC program.

Eligibility requirements can be found in CC Reg 145-1 and CC Reg 145-6.

Cameron University ROTC is the partner battalion for Fort Sill and is responsible for assisting soldiers with Green To Gold regardless of where they choose to attend college. Eligible Soldiers may attend college at Cameron University or choose to attend one of the other 270 colleges and universities that have Army ROTC programs.

To get more information call the ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer, at (580) 581-2344 or stop by Burch Hall, Room 110, M-F 8-5 p.m.