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ITS Wireless Policy

Cameron University provides wireless access to computing and information resources for students, faculty, and staff, within institutional priorities and financial capabilities.

Accidental or intentional disruption of a wireless network will deprive others of access to important University resources. Persons using wireless devices to connect to the University network must comply with the Cameron University Computer Use Policy.

Information Technology Services will approach the shared use of the wireless radio frequency in the same way that it manages the shared use of the wired network. Users will not provide network services that will interfere with the University network. ITS reserves the right to restrict the use of wireless devices on campus.

Cameron University reserves the rights to limit, restrict, or extend access to the wireless airspace on campus.

Any person operating a wireless device that interferes with existing central network services or overloads the network, will be notified and steps will be taken to protect the overall University network. This may include disconnecting the offending computer device from the network until the problem is resolved. If the condition is an imminent hazard to the Cameron University network or disrupts the activities of others, then the offending computer may be disconnected without prior notice. The wireless network may have to be disconnected without prior notice to block offenders or to determine cause of a problem.

Any person attaching a wireless device to the Cameron University network is responsible for the security of the computer device and for any intentional or unintentional activities from or to the network pathway that the device is using. Users and system administrators must all guard against abuses that disrupt or threaten the viability of all systems. Access to information resources without proper authorization from the data owner, unauthorized use of Cameron University computing facilities, and intentional corruption or misuse of information resources are violations of the Computer Use Policy.