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Student Fees

Mandatory Fees - Academic Year 2023-2024

Mandatory fees are “fees required of all students for enrollment to receive instruction at an institution of The State System” (OSRHE Policy and Procedures, Chapter 4, 4.18.1). Cameron’s mandatory fees are:

Cultural and Lectureship Fee - $1.25 per credit hour

This fee provides funding for events and activities for students that enhance the co-curricular and extracurricular student experience. This fee allows students to participate in activities at a lower cost or in most cases at no cost to the student. Examples of activities include: Lectures, Concerts, Poetry Readings, CU Succeed Workshops, Diversity Day, MLK Celebration, CU@Simmons Center

Academic Records Fee - $3.00 per credit hour

The academic records fee provides funds to support the university in appropriately maintaining a student’s academic records and providing the appropriate level of service necessitated by those records. This includes providing student’s with official transcripts upon request even after the student has graduated or left the university.

Student Technology Fee - $15.50 per credit hour

The student technology fee provides funding to provide student access to technology on campus to include campus computer labs, software, supporting infrastructure, equipment, student help desk, classrooms equipped as “smart classrooms”, computer lab printing, and other technology required to provide students the technological support required in the classroom.

Assessment Fee - $3.50 per credit hour

The assessment fee provides funding for evaluation materials to measure the quality of instruction at Cameron for continuous improvement of academic content delivery. The assessment fee also supports testing to ensure students are placed in appropriate classes.

Library Automation and Materials Fee - $5.75 per credit hour

The library automation and materials fee supports the purchase of campus learning materials, databases for online access to library resources, circulation and acquisition software, and other support systems to provide convenient access to library resources.

Student Facility Fee - $14.00 per credit hour

The student facility fee provides funds to construct and maintain non-academic student facilities such as the Aggie Rec Center, McMahon Centennial Complex and Shepler Center.

Student Activity Fee - $13 per credit hour

The student activity fee provides funding to provide students a complete collegiate experience through extra-curricular activities and student organization support. Student Activity Fees are allocated to academic departments to fund programs, activities and student travel. They are also used to fund scholarships and some operating expenses for student athletes. This also funds the University’s Student Activities Office.

Other Student Fees

Wellness Center Fee - $50 per semester

This wellness center fee allows students enrolled in a class meeting on the Lawton campus to have unlimited access to the Student Wellness Center for physical and mental health concerns. The fee is only charged to students attending at least one course on the main Lawton campus or via Zoom.

Electronic Media Course Fee - $10 per credit hour

The electronic media course fee is only assessed for online courses. The fee funds the online student help desk, course management software, course development in the online format, maintenance and on-campus proctoring for Cameron University students.

Academic Services Fees – Vary depending on course

Academic service fees cover a portion of the actual costs of the academic services provided by the institution. These fees are charged for specific classes or plans of study and may be used for special instruction, testing, and provision of laboratory supplies and materials for courses with special needs. Examples include supplies for Art, Biology, Chemistry laboratories, supplemental software, specialized equipment, and tutoring needs in Business.

Intentional Learning Fee - $10 per credit hour

The Intentional Learning fee supports student laboratories such as the Math Lab, the Center for Writers, and the Center for Academic Success, provides the Early Alert intervention system, and supports the Academic Advising Center. The fee is assessed on all lower division classes.

High Impact Educational Experiences Fee - $9 per credit hour

The high impact educational experiences fee supports undergraduate research opportunities, study abroad and student travel programs, career preparation, placement and counseling services, and internship and job shadowing opportunities. The fee is assessed on all upper-division classes.

Academic Distinction Fee - $5 per credit hour

The academic distinction fee supports program activities such as convergence journalism, radio and television production, keeping pace with technology advances, and supporting a forensics laboratory in Criminal Justice. The fee will apply to the following course prefixes: Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, Radio/Television, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Information Assurance/Security, Information Technology, Management Information Systems, and Technology.

If you have questions about a fee that is not listed above, please contact the Business Office at (580) 581-2219.