Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Mission Statement

Cameron University provides a diverse and dynamic student body access to quality educational opportunities; fosters a student-centered academic environment that combines innovative classroom teaching with experiential learning; prepares students for professional success, responsible citizenship, life-long learning, and meaningful contributions to a rapidly changing world; and is a driving force in the cultural life and economic development of the region.

Core Values

We Value

• Student learning as our top priority

• Excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and mentoring:

  • Investing in people: The growth and development of our students, faculty and staff in a learning environment based on integrity, respect, and ethical behavior that encourages and provides opportunities for professional improvement

• Leadership in our community and region that emphasizes:

  • Stimulating economic development
  • Forming partnerships and collaborative relationships
  • Providing cultural and social development
  • Serving the community and region by sharing our expertise

• Shared governance that includes:

  • Emphasizing teamwork
  • Facilitating open and effective communication
  • Providing opportunities for active participation by all constituencies

• Diversity among our students, faculty, and staff as demonstrated by:

  • Providing access to educational and teaching opportunities for all constituents
  • Promoting tolerance through a free and open exchange of ideas

• Responsible stewardship of public and private resources, the public trust, and Cameron’s future that includes:

  • Focusing resources to achieve optimal student learning
  • Increasing student access to quality higher education
  • Establishing a reliable stream of public and private revenue
  • Holding administrative costs to a minimum
  • Enhancing alumni involvement
  • Providing accountability in key areas such as student learning and management of resources