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Degree Programs

The Department of Art, Music, and Theatre Arts offers multiple programs in Art, Music, Music Education, and Theatre. For more information on degree programs offered in the department, please click the links in the menu bar above or on the program name below.

Bachelor of Arts in Art


The mission of the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Art is to prepare students for entry into a number of art-related professions or endeavors by completing a broad, yet organized, curriculum in both art history and studio related courses.



The mission of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in Art is to prepare students for entry into graduate school or a number of art related professions or endeavors by providing learning opportunities that lead to the completion of a specialized curriculum in one of several studio areas: Graphic Design or Painting, Printmaking, or Sculpture.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Bachelor of Music in Music

Bachelor of Music Education in Music Education


Cameron University’s Music programs have a three-fold mission of (a) service to the Music major, (b) service to the non-Music major (including the music minor), and (c) service to the community. The Cameron University Music Unit programs goals, and objectives emphasize the acquisition of music skills, knowledge, values, and professional attitudes. The Music unit's goals are: to prepare music majors for professional careers as either music educators or music performers; to provide non-music majors with an opportunity to become acquainted with or improve their music skills or knowledge in music; and to serve the area community with opportunities for music performance, departmental concert offerings, or improvement in the community member's own music skills. The Music unit's objectives are the music student will demonstrate a basic understanding of general principles of music and professional musicianship; the music student will demonstrate a basic performance competence in the selected medium of music performance; and during their undergraduate matriculation, music students will demonstrate adequate preparation for potential success.

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre


The Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Theatre provides a program of study focusing on opportunities for personal and artistic development and growth, as well as opportunities to develop collaboration, communication, reasoning, and leadership skills required for professional careers in theatre or related areas. Students pursuing the program in Theatre Arts should achieve a level of competence in performance, technical theatre, and the academic areas of theatre history, literature, and criticism/analysis. They acquire skills in each of these areas through the department’s course offerings, as well as through its production program. The production aspect of the program also provides an important community outreach opportunity. Non-majors may select Theatre Arts courses to fulfill humanities requirements or as electives.