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Cameron University Department of Social Sciences honors Outstanding Majors

The Cameron University Department of Social Sciences has honored six students as “Outstanding Majors of the Year” in Political Science, History, Social Studies Education, Sociology and Criminal Justice, the five degree programs that comprise the academic unit. The department also inducted students into academic honor societies during its awards recognition.

“It is extremely gratifying to recognize these students,” says Dr. Lance Janda, chair, Department of Social Sciences. “They were selected by our faculty based on academic achievement, service to the department and the university, and their great promise as graduates. We expect them to do great things when they leave Cameron.”

Madison H. Bailey, Lawton, and Laken N. DeBoard, Ryan, were recognized as “Outstanding Majors of the Year” in Political Science. One faculty member said that Bailey has worked tirelessly to produce great work in all of her classes, citing that she demonstrated exceptional academic achievement. Bailey was also honored with the department’s Academic Achievement Award. The award recognizes her ability to apply critical insight into current political realities and her resolve to seek answers and solutions to challenging situations faced around the world today.

DeBoard was referred to as a model political science student who has shown great dedication and passion for her studies. Her contributions to Cameron’s political science program were described as invaluable, and she was recognized for the things she has done to push the major forward.

Hope Cunningham, Lawton, was honored as “Outstanding Major of the Year” in History. She was described as curious, analytical and diligent in her research. She was recognized for her ability to make connections between historical events and their significance in the past and to the present. Cunningham was also inducted into the Alpha Alpha Kappa chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society in history.

Grant Schreppel, Dewey, received the “Outstanding Major of the Year” award in Social Studies Education.

Described as highly motivated, Schreppel excelled in his coursework with energy, organization and responsibility. He was also recognized for his commitment to introspection and reflection on the needs of students and how he can meet those needs as a teacher. One faculty member referred to Schreppel as thoughtful and patient, stating that he combines both academic excellence and strong teaching skills.

Kendra Hallagin, Lawton, was named “Outstanding Major of the Year” in Sociology. Hallagin was recognized for demonstrating a strong commitment to learning and for balancing full-time coursework with a full-time job and family. One faculty member cited Hallagin’s hard work and determination as factors in receiving this award.

John A. Young, Lawton, was recognized as “Outstanding Major of the Year” in Criminal Justice. Young was described as the type of student that other students loved as their classmate. One faculty member mentioned that Young would keep discussions going when the conversation lagged and that he was comfortable asking questions that were on other's minds. He was recognized as the one student who would know the answer.

Mackenzie Lee, Lawton, was inducted into the Gamma Epsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, the national honor society for criminal justice.

Ja'Taia Burnett, Lawton, and Claudia Smith, Altus, were inducted into the Psi Kappa chapter of Psi Sigma Alpha, the national honor society for political science.



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