Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Making the Transition

The transition to college life can be a fun, exploratory process where students will grow and mature into responsible adults who are ready to take on the “real world”. During the next few years or so, your student will inevitably encounter some struggles on the road to graduation. Here are some helpful tips on how to support your new Cameron student:

anticipate and support change

Your student will be exposed to new social, academic, and cultural opportunities during their time in college. Most of these opportunities will challenge your student and help them become a well-rounded adult. Ask questions and have on-going conversations to stay in the know about how your student is developing and changing during their time in college.

Have a conversation about expectations and responsibilities

As you help your student plan and organize for college, take an opportunity to remind your student of your expectations and their responsibilities during their college career. Open and honest communication regarding the topics of finances, alcohol, sex, and drugs, is vital for the success of your college student. Take time to discuss options and potential consequences associated with social behaviors.

Empower your student

When your student encounters an issue, help them develop their decision- making skills by taking a step back and allowing them to generate solutions. When students develop and own their decisions and find solutions using campus resources, they will grow and mature into independent adults.

be realistic about college life

College life is quite hectic and most students find their time crammed because of numerous academic and social obligations. Keep in mind that students are expected to spend three hours outside of class on homework and preparation for every one hour they spend in class. College is a full-time job! Make the time that you do spend with them count by planning and ensuring that time is meaningful. Your understanding of this time commitment and prioritizing it helps your student understand the importance of spending their time in college wisely. A balanced life that includes work, play, and rest is essential to a healthy student.

encourage your student to make use of Cameron resources

Cameron offers numerous resources to enhance your child’s experience while in college. You can help your student navigate the college environment by suggesting various resources when you think it is appropriate.