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Open Doors Program Application 

Open Doors Application

Student Information (Only 1 student per application)

OPEN DOORS - STUDENT CONTRACT: I agree to maintain a minimum of cumulative weighted 2.50 GPA. New applicants that are below a 2.50 GPA may request reconsideration for special circumstances. If accepted will be placed on academic probation. I agree to contact my OPEN DOORS advisor if there is a change in my class schedule, my home address or phone number, and/or if my family plans to move from Lawton. I agree to seek help with academic or personal problems if needed. I agree to notify my OPEN DOORS advisor if I am suspended or expelled, or if I have received disciplinary action at school. I agree to attend school regularly and not miss more than ten days of school per semester. I agree to participate in the tutoring sessions as needed and/or recommended by my advisor or teacher. I agree to achieve my goals that have been set up with the help of my OPEN DOORS advisor. I agree to take advantage of special OPEN DOORS activities like college visits, financial aid workshops, and PSAT/ACT/SAT prep workshops. I agree to enroll in a post-secondary educational institution upon graduation from high school. I agree to investigate careers.

Parent Information (to be completed by parent or guardian with whom applicant lives)

If yes, please check which service he/she receives.

One of the major goals of the OPEN DOORS program is to encourage parental support of, and participation in program ventures. This may include educational, career planning, and/or social activities. Please indicate your willingness to help with these activities.

I volunteer to work with the following OPEN DOORS committees (Please check one or more)
Please check all of the services you would like your child to receive:

This survey contains a number of statements about student needs. Please give your honest opinion of how the OPEN DOORS Program can meet your needs. Your answers will be kept confidential.

Academic Needs:

1. To learn how to complete and turn in my homework on time.
2. To get better grades in school.
3. To take tests better and with less anxiety.
4. To organize my time, activities and responsibilities better.
5. To learn more about high school requirements for college.
6. To listen better in class and ask more questions.
7. To relate to and communicate better with my teachers.
8. To identify, set and evaluate goals for the future.

Personal Needs:

1. To better understand my parents and other adults.
2. To learn to deal with conflict in a positive manner.
3. To be more accepting of my physical appearance.
4. To learn how my self-esteem affects my behavior.
5. To know how to get along better with the opposite sex.
6. To learn to accept people who are different from me.
7. To learn more about the use/abuse of drugs and alcohol.
8. To accept greater responsibility for my actions.

Career and Post-secondary Needs:

1. To explore a variety of career opportunities.
2. To learn more about job applications, resumes, and interviews.
3. To learn more about the postsecondary admissions process.
4. To prepare for exams like the PSAT, ACT, or SAT.
5. To visit more colleges and technology centers.
6. To learn more about college costs and how to pay for college.

Open Doors Program Permission Slip

Open Doors Medical Release

Medical Concerns

Open Doors Student Conduct Agreement