Open Doors

Open Doors

Open Doors (Educational Talent Search) provides postsecondary information, personal counseling, career development and academic support to students in the Lawton Public Schools grades


Currently students in the following schools may apply for Open Doors:

  • Central Middle School
  • Eisenhower Middle School
  • MacArthur Middle School
  • Tomlinson Middle School
  • Eisenhower High School
  • Lawton High School
  • MacArthur High School
  • Gateway Success Center

The mission of the Talent Search (Open Doors) program is to identify young people with the potential for postsecondary education and to encourage such young people to complete secondary school, and through education and information, to undertake a program of postsecondary education.

Free services and activities for students and parents include the following:

  • Tutoring and study skills
  • ACT/PSAT workshops
  • Financial aid and scholarship information and applications
  • College and Vo-Tech information and applications
  • Summer enrichment activities
  • College campus visits
  • Career Fair and College Life Fair