Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Purpose

Welcome to Interdisciplinary Studies! Interdisciplinary Studies degrees are designed to serve active duty military personnel and goal directed students whose educational needs are not met by one of the University's structured majors. A degree plan, consistent with the individual's stated goals, is personally designed for each student admitted to the program. This degree may or may not prepare a graduate for a particular occupation or entry into a graduate or professional school. Cameron University offers many concentrations that are available online – so depending upon the concentrations you elect, you may be able to complete your degree program entirely online. If you elect concentrations that are not available in the online format, you may complete the degree in the traditional face to face format, or in a combination of online and traditional courses, depending upon the courses you choose. Your advisor will assist you in making those decisions.

Program Admission

We recommend that prospective students contact the Academic Advising Center before submitting an application to obtain guidance on requirements for choosing program concentrations. Once students have determined which concentrations to choose, an Application must be submitted. The application will consist of a title page, a list of all courses/credits previously earned that the student proposed to be applied to the Interdisciplinary Studies degree, and a two-page rationale (essay). The rationale (essay) should contain a clear statement of the student's educational objectives, an explanation of how the selected concentrations are interdisciplinary in nature, what the student expects to be able to do as a result of his/her studies, and a statement explaining why the proposed program is academically sound (Note: we will help you with ideas of what to include – just give us a call!)

Application Steps:

  1. Complete the application package
  2. Submit all documents to the Interdisciplinary Studies Advisor. Materials can be submitted either online to the Interdisciplinary Studies Advisor or in-person at the Academic Advising Center.
  3. After you have been notified of admission to the IDS program, schedule an appointment (either by telephone, online or in person) to create your degree plan.
  4. Work with the Interdisciplinary Studies Advisor to get enrolled and on the fast track to achieving your academic and career goals!