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340 - Chemistry - BS Outcomes

  1. The student will apply major concepts and principles in chemistry.
  2. The student will conduct experiments and analyze the results.
  3. The student will effectively communicate scientific information using accepted professional standards.

385 - Physics - BS Outcomes

  1. Students will solve physics problems accurately using appropriate concepts and methods
  2. Students will demonstrate understanding of fundamental principles and concepts of physics.
  3. Students will demonstrate setting up of experiments following scientific procedures and use a range of equipment to obtain experimental data
  4. Students will analyze laboratory data using different numerical and computational techniques.
  5. Students will find and use existing relevant scientific research and draw logical conclusions.
  6. Students will communicate scientific information effectively.

545 Engineering AAS Outcomes

  1. The student will construct a formulated engineering solution correctly.
  2. The student will communicate effectively through written and oral avenues.
  3. The student will recognize and describe safety issues in engineering.