Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Student Housing Outcomes

1. Residents will participate in programs sponsored by Student Housing.

2. Residents will feel safe in all housing facilities.

3. Residents who are required to go through the judicial process will modify their behavior in a positive way based on

    feedback from any judicial sanctions provided by Student Housing staff.

4. Residents will be satisfied with housing facilities.

5. Students will choose to live on campus.

6. Two floors (one male and one female) are reserved as an option for our first time freshmen to live on. Freshman residents who live on these floors for at least the fall semester will enroll at Cameron during the following fall semester.

7. Students will be satisfied with programs offered through student housing.

8. Students will understand the material presented in educational programs.

9. Residents who live on the freshman floor will return to campus housing the following fall.