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Federal and state grants are sources of funding that typically do not have to be repaid. They are normally awarded to students who are deemed to have a high financial need. Financial need is determined by subtracting the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), from the Cost of Attendance (COA). Students must complete the FAFSA, and be in a degree seeking undergraduate program to be considered for grants. 

Federal Grants

  • PELL: A need-based program for undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor's or professional degree. Amounts are determined using the EFC and enrollment level. There is a limit (Lifetime Eligibility Used or LEU) to the number of semesters a student can receive the grant, which is equal to 12 semesters at the full-time rate.  You may log on to your Federal Student Aid account using your FSA ID to monitor your LEU status, or check your Student Aid Report (SAR). 

    If you are Pell eligible, you will be funded as follows depending on your enrollment for the semester (including Summer):

If enrolled in:

You will be funded as:

You will receive:

1-5 hours

Less than half-time

25% of your award

6-8 hours


50% of your award

9-11 hours


75% of your award

12+ hours


100% of your award


  • SEOG: Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. A need-based program for undergraduate students with exceptional financial need. At Cameron University, students must have a "0" EFC, and be Pell Grant eligible to be considered. Funds are limited, so not all students who are eligible will receive the award. Students should submit their FAFSA early to be considered.
  • TEACH: Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant. A non-need based program that provides funds to students who are enrolled in programs geared towards preparing students to become teachers. Students must meet certain academic achievement requirements, and agree to the service obligations. A separate application is required. 

State Grants

  • OTAG: Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant. A need-based program designed to help pay tuition costs for residents of Oklahoma who are Pell Grant eligible. Priority is given to students who are enrolled in 6+ hours, not receiving a state funded tuition waiver or tuition scholarship, and majoring in a high need field. 
  • Oklahoma's Promise: A need-based program is a cash award, in the amount of tuition cost, for students who meet the program’s requirements as determined by OSRHE. The scholarship applies for up to five years after high school graduation, 129 credit hours completed, or until completion of a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first. Students must complete the FAFSA, and meet the income limit check for having an Adjusted Gross Income under $100,000. It cannot be used to cover remedial coursework, but can cover graduate level courses for undergraduate students (at the undergraduate tuition rate). The award is limited to a student's Cost of Attendance, so it may be reduced if student's are receiving multiple scholarships and federal grants.