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Volume 29, 2023


VOLUME 28, 2022

The Effects of Recreational Lake Areas on Urban Home Prices: Case of Oklahoma City

Authors: Muhammad Qayyum and Walayet A. Khan 

Developing a Transparency Guide for the One-Time Influx of COVID-19 Relief Funds to Local Governments: Lessons from Arkansas

Authors: Joyce O. Ajayi, Joseph Johns, Ashley Phillips, and Dr, Mavuto Kalulu

Commercialization in LEO: Perceived Importance, Willingness to Pay, Willingness to Risk, Domain-Specific Knowledge, and Openness to Experience as Constructs

Authors: Megan Widner and Jeff Stambaugh

A Primer on the Cryptocurrency Market

Authors: Syed Ahmed and Ellie Fellers.

Volume 27, 2021

Contents The Paycheck Protection Program: How it Simultaneously Succeeded and Failed

Authors: Jacob P. Carey and. Krystal L. Brue

Candidate Experience and Its Cycle in The Hiring Process: An Analysis of Student Employees

Authors: Marysol Villeda and Randy McCamey

The Suitability of Purchasing Power Parity Constructs for Foreign Currency Translation for Subsidiaries in Five European Countries

Authors: Paul E. Holt and Gonzalo Rivera

Taiwanese Consumers’ Flow Search Experience: An Exploratory Study

Authors: Kishwar Joonas, Ahmed Y. Mahfouz and Wen-Hung Wang

The Great Inflation and the U.S. Monetary Policy

Authors: Iona Roska and Syed Ahmed

Volume 26, 2019

Personal Income Changes in Oklahoma Before and After the Great Recession

Authors: Philip F. Rich and Marshall J. Horton

Creating and Index to Measure Transparency in Arkansas Counties

Authors: Mavuto Kalulu, Terra Aquia, and Joyce O. Ajayi

The Variability of Earnings in Chinese Subsidiaries Across Foreign Currency Translation Methodologies: An Empirical Comparison with UK Subsidiaries

Authors: Paul E. Holt and Huiying Chen

An Economic Profile of the city of Lawton (2010-2018)

Authors: Alex B. Cox and Syed M. Ahmed

VOLUME 25, 2018

Managing C2C to Increase Company Profitability

Authors: Paul D. Hutchison, M. Theodore Farris II, and Subash Adhikari

Testing Multiple Financial Bubble using the Recursive Flexible Window Methodology

Authors: Swarna D. Dutt and Dipak Ghosh

Another Look at Short-Term Interest Rate as Predictor of Inflation

Authors: Dong Y Nyonna, K. J. Kim, and Pennye K. Brown

Guided Student Engagement Through Research and Consultancy: Structure, Evaluation and Prognosis

Author: Kishwar Joonas

VOLUME 24, 2017

Altered Performance, Altered Attendance: Examining the Impact of Steroid Use in Major League Basketball

Authors: Timothy Haase

The Impact of Global Demand Factors on Oil Price: The Resulting Impact on the Wichita Falls Regional Economy from mid-year 2014 to mid-year 2015

Author: Curtis Knobloch, John E. Martinez and Robert C. Forrester

The Relationship Between Interest Rate and Stock Market Performance in Nigeria

Authors: Ditimi Amassoma

The Impact of Value Added Tax (VAT) on Small to Medium Enterprises in the United Kingdom and Why the US will not adopt it

Authors: Sophie Bacon and James R. Owen

Occupational Outlook by Educational Attainment - A Study of Comanche County and the Southwest Oklahoma Region

Authors: Syed M. Ahmed, Jayant Chaudhary and Farhin Shams Chowdhury

VOLUME 23, 2016

Factors Influencing a Consumer's Propensity to Engage in a Contact

Authors: John McCollough, Komal Karani and William Galose

Accounting Program Resource Use and CPA Exam Success Rates

Author: G. Stevenson Smith

Capital Structure Design and Agency Conflicts in Financial Performance of REITs

Authors: Rafiqul Bhuyan, Wafaa Sbeiti, Mohammad Sogir Hossain Khandoker and Turki Badi Al-Shimmiri

Market Concentration in China's Regional Real Estate Markets

Authors: Hong Zhang, Shuai Gao, Yang Zhang and James E. Larsen

VOLUME 22, 2014

Pre- and Post-Recession Performance Comparisons: Low Income Designated Credit Unions versus Non-designated Credit Unions

Authors: Robert C. Forrester, John E. Martinez and Yoshi Fukasawa

Dynamics of Thai Stock Market and Exchange Rate 

Authors: Matiur Rahman and Muhammad Mustafa

Strategies employed by SMEs in the Developing World: Evidence from Nigeria

Authors: U. Joseph Nnanna and Roger Brown

Fixed Interest Player vs. Floating Interest Player: Tug of War

Author: Naseem Ahamed

VOLUME 21, 2013

Top Management Team (TMT) Characteristics and Time-To-IPO

Authors: Monica Zimmerman, Rajeswararao S. Chaganti, Arun Kumaraswamy, Patrick Maggitti, Janine Black Arkles

A Normative Evaluation of Translation Methodologies Based on Present Values of Future Cash Flows to Investors

Author: Paul E. Holt

Justice and Self-Efficacy: Implications for Influence on Performance and Satisfaction

Authors: Lisa M. Russell and Zhen Li

Spousal Money Arguments Insights from Non-Cooperative Game Theory and the NLSY

Authors: Julie A. Cumbie, Stuart T. McDonald, Sonya L. Britt

VOLUME 20, 2012

Carbon Emissions and Environment: Evidences from Three Selected SAARC Countries

Authors: Prashanta K. Banerjee and Matiur Rahman

Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Students’ ex post Perceptions and Opinions on Topical Coverage of the First College-level Financial Accounting Course

Author: Ronald Woan

A Comparison of the Financial Characteristics of U.S. and Japanese Electrical and Electronics Equipment Manufacturing Firms

Authors: Ilhan Meric, Linguo Gong, Radha Chaganti and Gulser Meric

Imperative for Green Marketing in India: A Conceptual Research of Beliefs and Attitudes of Business Students

Author: Kishwar Joonas

VOLUME 19, 2011

Impact of the Economic Freedom on Growth and Fiscal Strength of US States

Authors: Gus A. Gordon, Chen Y. Wu, Vivek K. Pandey

Feasibility Study of Starting a Micro-Credit Program in a Midwest United States Town

Author: Rubana Mahjabeen

VOLUME 18, 2010

Eco-efficiency - Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry

Authors: Li Sun

Electronic Customer Relationship Management in Automobile Retailing: One Dealership’s Perspective

Authors: Phillip Wilson, Lesli Womack, Chris Shao, Charles Johnston

Hormone Induced Milk and Product Labeling – Empirical Evidence from Kansas

Authors: Kalyan Chakraborty

A Reality-Based Model to Assess the Market Risk of Privatizing Social Security

Author: Jerry A. Joseph, Monsurur Rahman, Faye Bradwick

Metrics of Uninsured Motorists: The Challenging Case of New Mexico

Author: J. Tim Query, Al Berryman

Performance of Community Banks in Oklahoma

Author: V. Sivarama Krishnan

VOLUME 17, 2009

Income Equality Trends in Texas: 1975 - 2004. Do They Really Matter?

Authors: James Owen and John Martinez

Collective Bargaining and Academic Compensation: Evidence in the 21st Century

Authors: Javed Ashraf and Recai Aydin

Customer Relationship Investments, Value to the Customer, and Value to the Firm: Integrating Attributes and Benefits

Authors: Wen-Hung Wang, Chiung-Ju Liang and Kishwar Joonas

The Impact of Free Trade Agreement with Mexico on Real Wages of Production Workers in Manufacturing in the United States

Author: Mesghena Yasin

Money Supply in Bahrain, 1974 - 2007

Author: Ashraf Nakibullah

VOLUME 16, 2008

Product Market Competition and Corporate Governance Structure Change: Evidence from the Telecommunications Industry

Authors: Jeffrey T. Bookman, Craig G. Rennie and Michael J. Sullivan

An Assessment of OECD Health Care System Using Panel Data Analysis

Authors: Ramesh Mohan and Sam Mirmirani

The Economic Freedom Index as a Determinant of Firm Births and Firm Deaths

Authors: Noel D. Campbell, Tammy M. Rogers and Kirk C. Heriot

A Cross-Country Analysis of the Employment Intensity of Economic Growth

Author: William Seyfried

Financial Statements, Attestation Level and Lending Decision by Small Banks

Authors: Neung J. Kim and Rafik Z. Elias

The Economic Potential of the Arkansas Sweet Potato Industry: Some Evidence from Dallas

Authors: Marshall J. Horton and Jay Robbins

VOLUME 15, 2007

The Effects of Economic Integration on the Financial Characteristics of EU Manufacturing Firms: 1900-2004

Authors: Ilhan Meric, Herbert E. Gishlick, Leonore S. Taga and Gulser Meric

Inflation Forecasts: An Empirical Re-examination

Authors: Swarna B. Dutt and Dipak Ghosh

Factors Impeding the Development of Export Activities: A Survey of Louisiana Small Businesses

Authors: Saviour Nwachukwu, Donald Andrews, Ashagre Yigletu and Andrew Washington

The U.S. Home Mortgage Markets during 1900-2004 and Financial Institutions Participation: Does Assets Size Matter in Mortgage Participation?

Authors: Abdus Samad and Rezwan Tahir

Lemons in the Used Car Market: An Empirical Investigation

Author: Arif Sultan

Operating Efficiency of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Banks

Author: Peter M. Ellis

VOLUME 14, 2006

The Influences of Appropriate Service-Contract-Personnel Dress on the Dimensions of Customer Expectations of Service Quality

Authors: Chris Y. Shao, Charles D. Ramser and Phillip H. Wilson - Midwestern State University

Business Literacy: A Millennium Assessment in the Manufacturing Environment

Authors: Steven J. Anderson, John X. Volker and Michael D. Phillips - Austin Peay State University

International Coffee Agreement: Incomplete Membership and Instability of the Cooperative Game

Authors: Germain N. Pichop - World Vegetable Center and Francis M. Kemegue - Ridgewater College

An Investigation of the Environmental Beliefs and Attitudes of Business Students in the U.S.A. and Mexico

Authors: Kishwar Joonas, Sudhir Tandon - Prairie View A&M University and Diana Davila Ruiz - Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM)

Financial Restatements and Their Impact on Stock Prices: Evidence from the US Financial Markets

Authors: Mohammad G. Robbani, Sekhar Anantharaman - Alabama A&M University and Rafiqul Bhuyan - California State University-Sacramento

An Analysis of the Housing Market and the Oklahoma Experience

Author: Mohamad B. Shaaf - University of Central Oklahoma

VOLUME 13, 2005

Moderator Variables in Cultural Values and Business Ethics Research: Important to External Validity

Authors: Victor E. Sower and Judith C. Sower - Sam Houston State University

Elements of Corporate Hedging Policy

Author: Paul Sarmas - California State Polytechnic University

Impact of Stock Market Decline on the Recent Housing Boom in the United States: Some Empirical Evidence

Authors: Mohammed Ansari and Ganiyu Oladunjoye - Albany State University

A Survey of Capital Budgeting in Publicly Traded Utility Companies

Authors: Antonio Apap and Dubos J. Masson - University of West Florida

Accounting Educators and Professionals: Perceptions Concerning Communication

Authors: Nithan M. Hindi - University of Qatar, Donald S. Miller and Stephen E. Catt - Emporia State University

The Variability of Earnings Across Foreign Currency Translation Methodologies: An Empirical Comparison

Author: Paul E. Holt - Texas A&M University

VOLUME 12, 2004

Land Tenure Patterns and Unitization Legislation: Evidence from Texas and Oklahoma

Author: Stuart T. MacDonald - Midwestern State University

Comparative Information Content of Return on Assets Based on Alternative Translation Methods

Author: Paul E. Holt - Texas A&M University

Banking Industry IPO Returns: A Test of the Informational Asymmetry Hypothesis

Authors: Mark Schaub - Northwestern State University, K. Michael Casey - University of Central Arkansas and Kenneth M. Washer - Texas A&M University-Commerce

Managing Quality: Modeling the Cost of Quality Improvement

Author: Arthur B. Jeffery - University of South Alabama

Demand Trends and Seasonality in Columbia Wheat Import Market: An Econometric Analysis

Authors: Osho Gbolahan Solomon and Asghar Nazemzadeh - University of Houston-Downtown

Additional Minimum Pension Liability and Pension Underfunding

Authors: Barbara W. Scofield and Paul Haensly - The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Efficiency Analysis of the Companies in the U.S. Meat Industry

Author: Liming Guan - University of Hawaii at Manoa

VOLUME 11, 2003

Can Narrow Banking Provide a Substitute for Depository Intermediaries?

Author: Williams Miles

An Empirical Investigation of the Value Index: Linking Perceived Importance to Satisfaction

Authors: Russell Calk and Sutham Cheurprakobkit

An Empirical Examination of Rational Expectations Hypothesis in the Foreign Exchange Market

Authors: Fazul Miah, M. Kabir Hasssan and Aminur Rahman

Data Warehousing: A Vital Role in the Pursuit of Competitive Advantage

Authors: Kimberly Merrit and Richard Braley

The Initial Impact of Casino Gaming on Bankruptcy Filing in Louisiana

Authors: Barbara J. Davis and Helen Sikes

A Simulation of WIP Inventory Drive Systems and Their Effect on Production Measurements

Author: Lloyd J. Taylor