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Application for Admission to The Respiratory Care Program

Required Documentation Checklist

  • Completion of this application
  • *Healthcare Provider BLS/CPR Certification
  • *Job Shadowing Experience Form
  • *Degree Works audit received from Cameron University

*Please upload these documents on the application below


WEDNESDAY, June 1, 2022, BY 4:00 PM


Transfer credits (official transcripts) from other institutions must be sent to Cameron University for evaluation and recorded on a Cameron University OFFICIAL transcript before the deadline date. This process may take up to two (2) weeks.


  • Required Prerequisite: All applicants into the Respiratory Care degree training program must have completed all general education requirement courses, including UNIV 1001/1113 and BIOL 2013 Medical Terminology, in order to be considered.
  • Courses: The following courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher: BIOL 1214/L Human Biology/Lab, BIOL 2013 Medical Terminology, and CHEM 1004 Descriptive Chemistry, or CHEM 1005 Introduction to Chemistry/Lab, or CHEM 1364/1361 General Chemistry/Lab.

Application Scoring and Slotting Process

  • 13 students are accepted into the degree major each Fall
  • Applications are accepted February 1 - the first Wednesday in June each year.
  • Prerequisite courses are assigned a point value based on the assigned letter grade of each course: A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points, and D = 0 points. All values are added together for a total prerequisite value.
  • The composite ACT score is used as a whole number and added to the total prerequisite value. The sum is the applicant's total slotting score.
  • Applicants are slotted into the degree major based on the total slotting score, highest to lowest, until all seats have been filled.
  • Applicants are slotted in two phases: applicants who have completed all of the prerequisite courses and other required application requirements are slotted first based on total slotting scores. If seats remain, applicants with incomplete applications who are only completing the remaining prerequisite courses during the summer will be slotted based on total slotting scores at the time of the June application deadline.
  • Applications are reviewed by a panel of faculty and school administrators.
  • Both groups of applicants are notified of their conditional acceptance within one week of the application deadline. (Subject to change based on deadline date).
  • Applicants conditionally accepted into the Respiratory Care degree training program will be required to complete background checks, drug testing, and immunization verification during the summer months for all of the hospital clinical sites. This stage has strict deadlines set by the clinical hospital sites. Any failure to successfully clear this stage in the acceptance process may prevent a student from completing clinical hours, a requirement of the Associate in Applied Science in Respiratory Care degree and licensure as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Criminal offenses that would constitute disqualification from licensure or certification can be found at or Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure

Respiratory Care Application 5/24/2021

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