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Student Testimonials

Click the videos below to see what our International students have to say about their Cameron University experience!

Melany from Argentina 

Hello, my name is Melany Opolz and I'm from Argentina. I am a student at Cameron University, studying chemistry and environmental engineering. I chose chemistry and engineering because I love science and I love to understand how everything works and when I graduate this May, I will start my Doctorate in Chemical Engineering next fall.

I would like to tell you about my personal experience here at Cameron University. I spent four years at Cameron as a student-athlete in the tennis team and definitely, my team and professors made my days really special. They are like my Cameron family now. Studying at Cameron has provided me a lot of experience not only personal but professional. I got my first job on campus and I have worked in chemistry research for two years now. It is a different and special place to be.

The campus is beautiful and full of friendly people. There are plenty of students from all around the world, so the culture mix is one of the things that I have enjoyed the most. We would love to have you join us here on campus at Cameron University.

Jacob from New Zealand 

Hi. My name is Jacob Carey and I am from New Zealand. I am a student at Cameron University, currently completing my Master's of Science in organizational leadership. I have previously completed my MBA at Cameron in 2019 and returned to further develop my leadership knowledge and skills. I spent four years completing my undergraduate business degrees at a different university and this has allowed me to see the difference in the student experience at Cameron University. The class sizes here at Cameron are very small which allows one-on-one time with your professors. The professors themselves have all been very helpful and knowledgeable and they have always been available for questions on assignments. Since the professors genuinely care about their students, I feel like this has enhanced my learning experience instead of just being given work and grades. The professors work with you to understand the material and prepare you for your career. The classes themselves have taught me a great deal of valuable information that I am currently using in my career in finance. I believe Cameron really did prepare me to be the best employee possible. Part of the experience here from Cameron comes from the diverse student body and the activities available for students on campus. There are many international students here at Cameron enjoying the experience of American university life as well as athletics. There are organizations on campus that international students can get involved in to become a part of the community.

Add to all this, the basketball courts, table tennis tables, racquetball courts, disc golf, weight room, football field, tennis courts, soccer field, cafeterias, and on-campus dorms, and you can see why we love being here at Cameron. Let us know if we can answer any questions for you and help you make a decision to join us here at Cameron University. Thank you.

Maighan from Australia 

Hi, my name is Maighan Hedge and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am a student at Cameron University studying sports and exercise science. I chose sports and exercise science because I like learning knowledge that I can apply to my own sporting career and then be able to apply that knowledge to help patients in my future as a physical therapist. My time here at Cameron has been great so far. Everyone I have met has made it a wonderful experience as my professors genuinely care about my success in the classroom and also show an interest in my sporting achievements as they do to all students. It really is a close community where you can walk through campus and know everyone you see. So, it's really easy to make lifelong friendships and really engage in the college atmosphere. The professors here at Cameron make it really easy to juggle other commitments such as work and sports along with your studies, which is one of the main reasons I chose Cameron.

In the sports and exercise science department, there are a lot of hands-on lab activities where you learn skills that prepare you for your future in the sporting industry which has been extremely beneficial to me and my current work jobs. I also learned many life skills that I would not have from living at home, such as becoming more independent and self-driven. I feel extremely confident about applying for jobs in my future as I know Cameron and the opportunity to live overseas has given me the confidence to do so. There are a lot of international students here on campus from all over the world who are ready to help you feel welcome and also teach you about more cultures than just the American culture and of course, everyone on campus, not just the other internationals, are here to help you settle in and experience everything Cameron has to offer. It really is a close community with lots of opportunities to be successful.

Nishan from Nepal 

Hello. My name is Nishan and I'm from Nepal. I'm a recent graduate from Cameron University with a Computer Science degree. I chose computer science because of my esteemed interest in computers and programming. I would like to share about my personal experience here at Cameron University.

When I first joined Cameron University, I found myself hundreds of miles away from home. The prospect of traveling so far away from home was both scary and exciting to me. Overwhelmed at first, I found myself easily adapted to Cameron University culture within a few weeks. I felt right at home with a great and welcoming community, international office and professors.

The transition was further made easy for me by a great international student community with people from different parts of the world. As a computer science major, I was offered all adequate resources and technology to succeed.

The guidance of my advisors further aided me to make better career choices. The professors are accommodating and supportive and will help you succeed in every possible way. Cameron offers excellent technological infrastructures with well-kept labs and libraries. This team faculty will offer you chances for research and engagement in community-driven projects. Cameron University is unique and affordable and provides students with financial aid, scholarships and plenty of opportunities for on-campus employment. Cameron University lies in the center of the city of Lawton with quick access to some beautiful lakes and conservation areas. Outdoor activities are plenty and the Lawton community is vast and welcoming. No matter what your goals are either it's education, career, personal development, or graduate school, Cameron University will help you meet those career goals.

You will also find different student organizations around campus with interests that align with you. Joining those organizations will help you with your career and personal development.

For people planning to join Cameron University: namaste and welcome to Cameron University.

Sebastien from Columbia 

Hello, my name is Sebastian. I am a student at Cameron University with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration.  I'm part of the Track and Country team and I want to say that I'm having a wonderful experience at Cameron University.  Also what I like about Cameron is the facilities and campus are very cozy, and the sporting fields.  The best part of the school is the classes because the professors know the name of every student, that is very helpful for us.