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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to work full time and earn my master's degree?

Yes. Many CU graduate students are working professionals with full or part time jobs. Classes are offered in a variety of formats to accommodate busy schedules. A list of course formats for each degree program is listed below.

  • MBA: Online, hybrid and evening
  • MSOL: Online
  • MSBS: Hybrid, day and evening
  • MSEL: Online, evening, weekend and day (summer sessions)
  • MED in Education: Online, hybrid, evening and weekend
  • MED in Reading: Online, hybrid, evening and weekend

How long will it take to finish my degree?

This will vary by enrollment status and program. Generally, students will complete their coursework in 2-3 years if they attend full time. Classes are available in fall, spring and summer sessions. Your graduate advisor will work with you to create a course schedule to help you stay on track.

I may need to take a semester or two off; how long do I have to finish my degree?

You have up to 6 years to complete your degree and all program requirements. If you take off for a full academic year, you will need to reapply and meet the current academic requirements prior to readmission.

Can I still pursue a degree I'm interested in if I don't have a bachelor's degree in that field?

Cameron's master's programs were designed for current practitioners and for those who don't have a bachelor's in a specific field; however, some of the degrees are more specialized and require alternative certifications prior to beginning the program or provide an option for completing various pre-requisite courses. To learn about which degrees apply, please feel free to request more information about your degree of interest.

I'm not sure I'll do well in online classes; how do they differ from a traditional class setting?

Just like a traditional classroom, the teaching style of each instructor will differ. You will do well if you remember to be self-disciplined and schedule your study time, carefully read and follow instructions, learn and understand the technology used, participate, follow university policies, and seek assistance when needed.

Are there financial assistance options available to graduate students?

While Cameron keeps tuition and fees low, various financial assistance options such as grants, loans, scholarships, tuition waivers, and educational benefits (often available through employers) are also available to graduate students. Please feel free to request more information to learn about options specific to your degree of interest.

I'm still working on my bachelor's degree; how can I start working on my master's now?

If you are within 16 hours of completing your bachelor's degree, you may pursue graduate study upon admission and completion of a degree audit with the registrar's office at your current institution. Please visit the "Application Process" section to learn about the proper documentation required for this process as well as to review the mailing address to use for sending these items.

I started a master's degree at another school but didn't finish; is it possible to transfer those credits?

Upon completing at least 12 graduate credit hours at Cameron, you may apply with the Dean of your school to request up to 12 graduate credit hours to be transferred to Cameron.