Parking Regulations


According to the Cameron University student handbook (1.04 Awareness of Policies), it is your responsibility to know and understand the traffic regulations. We do not enjoy giving out traffic citations. They are easily avoidable by following these simple rules.

Office of Public Safety

Pursuant to Title 74, Oklahoma Statutes 1981, Section 360.11, et sequitur, the University of Oklahoma, Cameron University and Rogers State University Board of Regents, the governing board for Cameron University, has appointed necessary officers who are designated as campus police for the purpose of protecting personnel and property at Cameron University. These officers are assigned to the Office of Public Safety, which has the responsibility and authority for the administration and enforcement of the University's parking and traffic regulations.


A. Any student or eligible faculty or staff member of the University who operates a motor vehicle on the campus shall obtain a University permit before parking the vehicle on University property.

B. A fee will be assessed to those students operating a motor vehicle on the University campus who are enrolled in an on-campus course at Cameron University.  This fee will be applicable for the fall, spring and summer semesters.

C. Applications for parking and operating a motor vehicle on the campus for each semester must be obtained during course registration for that semester.

D. No vehicle should display more than one University parking permit.

E. One parking permit will be issued free of charge to faculty/staff or contractors with a valid faculty/staff or contractor University ID card.  The faculty/staff and contractor permit is valid for up to two registered vehicles.  Additional faculty/staff or contractor parking permits may be purchased for $35.  Adjunct faculty qualify for the free parking permit.  Student workers do not qualify for the faculty/staff or contractor parking permits.

F. No parking permit shall be displayed on any vehicle other than that vehicle to which it is registered.

G. The parking permit does not ensure that a parking space will be available at all times.

H. Parking permit validation stickers are valid for the academic year (fall through summer semesters) and not the calendar year.

A valid parking permit is shown in the picture below:

I. Temporary Handicapped Permits may be issued to any person upon proper certification of temporary need. Permits will allow parking in any area designated as Handicapped or any non-reserved area.  The permit will be valid only for the duration of the handicap or a semester, whichever is less. This permit will be in addition to the current semester's vehicle parking permit. Permits issued by the State of Oklahoma will  be honored for handicapped parking if properly displayed.

J. Temporary Parking Permits are available in the Office of Public Safety. These are provided without cost to persons having a vehicle currently registered with the University but facing a situation causing them to temporarily bring an unregistered vehicle on campus. Temporary parking permits are issued for a period not to exceed seven (7) calendar days.

Required Display of University Parking Permit

A. THE PERMIT SHALL BE HUNG SO THAT THE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER CAN BE SEEN THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD. Where this placement is not possible because of vehicle design, arrangements shall be made with the Director of the Office of Public Safety to place the permit in an alternate location.

B. Upon sale or transfer of vehicle ownership, the parking permit must be returned to the Office of Public Safety.

C. Damaged or defaced parking permits can be replaced at the Office of Public Safety at no charge.

D. Failure to display a permit shall be subject to a grace period at the beginning of each semester until two weeks after the university's first class. All other regulations are still enforceable during the "No Permit" grace period.

Moving Vehicle Regulations

A. The speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour and 5 miles per hour in parking lots.

B. No vehicle will be driven after dark without the headlights illuminated.

C. Moving vehicles shall yield to pedestrians.

D. No vehicle shall be operated at any time upon the sidewalks, lawns or any other place not specifically designed for vehicular traffic. These rules shall not apply to authorized emergency vehicles or grounds and maintenance vehicles of the university.

E. All motor vehicles shall be muffled so as to effectively prevent loud and/or unusual noises or smoke discharge from the exhaust of such a vehicle. Neither shall vehicles emit loud noises such as radios or anti-theft devices which disrupt university operations or disturb the peace of others.

F. No person shall drive a vehicle from a stopped position at such a rate of acceleration so as to leave marks upon the street or drive or create a screeching or shrill noise.

G. No person shall remove or in any way  tamper with any traffic control device whether permanently affixed or temporarily located to regulate vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

H. In addition to the traffic regulations covered herein, rules and regulations contained in Oklahoma State Statutes, TITLE 47, Motor Vehicle Laws, shall also apply to motor vehicles operated on university property.


A. Where parallel parking is indicated, the vehicle shall be parked with passenger-side wheels parallel to and not more than one foot away from the curb.

B.  Vehicles shall park within the marked boundaries of a designated parking space.

C.  Vehicles shall be parked so the parking permit identification number faces forward through the windshield.

D. No person shall park or stop a vehicle in a street, drive or roadway so as to obstruct or impede the normal flow of traffic.

E. No person shall park or stop a vehicle adjacent or perpendicular to a legally parked vehicle so as to prevent that vehicle from exiting its parking space (double parking).

F. No person shall alter, deface or forge a parking permit.

G. No person shall park a vehicle in any of the following places unless authorized:

1. Any space marked 'handicapped.'


3. Any gold-lined space for a period of time longer than that designated on the 'timed parking' signs.

4. Loading zones or service areas.

5. On any lawn, curb, sidewalk, wheelchair ramp or crosswalk.

6. Areas marked in red.

7. Within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.

8. Any place that is not identified by parking space boundary lines.

9. Specifically marked spaces or areas (i.e. Head Resident, Police, Maintenance, etc.)

10. Spaces lined in blue are reserved for faculty and staff. NOTE: Reserved parking is not enforced Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., Monday through Friday.

11. Spaces lined in white are 'open parking' for students, faculty, staff and contractors (a parking permit is required).

12. Spaces lined in gold are designated for visitors or timed parking. The football stadium parking lot is also designated as a visitor parking area. (Students, faculty/staff and contractors are not considered visitors. [V,2.])

13. Cameron Village parking permits or Faculty and Staff permits are required for parking in Cameron Village.  Cameron Village permit holders are not allowed to park in the McMahon Centennial Complex parking lot (north of Cameron Village).

H. No person shall stop or park a vehicle for any purpose except the loading or unloading of passengers or materials in a right-of-way for longer than five (5) minutes.  At no time will the vehicle be left unattended.

I.  Motorcycles and mopeds are required to display a university parking permit.  The parking permit (decal) will be affixed to the front fork or windshield.  Motorcycles and mopeds may park at the end of any parking row, provided that the area has been lined off or designated for motorcycle or moped parking.

J. Any commissioned police officer of the Office of Public Safety is authorized to immobilize (boot) or remove (tow) a vehicle from university property to an appropriate garage or place of storage at the owner's expense under any of the following:

1. When any vehicle is left unattended and such vehicle constitutes an obstruction to traffic.

2. When any vehicle is illegally parked and blocks the entrance to any driveway or blocks the free movement by pedestrians on any sidewalk, wheelchair ramp or crosswalk.

3. When any vehicle is parked in a marked Handicapped Parking or Fire Zone without authorization.

4. When an officer arrests any person driving or in control of a vehicle and the officer is, by law, required to take the person arrested before a magistrate immediately.

5. When any vehicle has MORE THAN THREE (3) DELINQUENT TRAFFIC CITATIONS (VI,B) or parking privileges were previously revoked.

6. When an inoperable motor vehicle is on University property for more than seventy-two (72) hours. An inoperable motor vehicle is one which has been wrecked, vandalized, dismantled, partially dismantled or abandoned.

Penalties for Violations

A. Fines are as follows:

1.  Parking without a permit (II,A).................................$50.00

2.  Improper display of parking permit (III,A)............$50.00

3.  Altered/forged permit (V,F)....................................$75.00

4.  Invalid permit (II,H)....................................................$50.00

5.  Unauthorized parking in Handicapped(V,J,3)....$75.00

6.  Unauthorized red zone parking (V,J,3) ................$75.00

7.  Parking in Reserved (V,G,11)..................................$50.00

8.  Driving or parking on lawn (V,G,5)........................$50.00

9.  Parking on sidewalk or crosswalk (V,G,5)............$50.00

10.  Parking in loading zone (V,G,4)...........................$50.00

11.  Failure to park within a marked space (V,B)......$50.00

12.  Failure to yield to pedestrian (IV,C) ....................$50.00

13.  All moving violations (IV) .......................................*$75.00

14.  Vehicle Immobilization (V,J) ..................................$75.00

15.  Double Parking/Obstructing Traffic (IV, G) .....$50.00

16.  Overtime parking (V,G,3) .....................................$50.00

17.  Altering or Damaging traffic sign (IV,G) ............*$50.00

18.  Violation of State Statute (IV,H) ...........................*$75.00

19.  Misuse of Faculty/Staff permit (V,G,11) ...........$50.00

*These rules shall not apply to authorized emergency vehicles or university owned vehicles.

B. An additional five dollars ($5.00) fine will be assessed for each violation if the fine is not paid within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of issue.  All fees must be paid before enrollment in a new semester is permitted or release of transcripts or grades is granted.

C. If you're issued a ticket:

1. Pay ticket(s) at the Business Office or One Stop within thirty (30) calendar days.  Parking or traffic fines may be mailed provided that One Stop is contacted to determine the exact amount of the fine.  Ticket numbers (located at the top of the ticket) must be included on all payments made by mail.  If the ticket number is unknown, contact One Stop at 581-2393.

2. Reserved for future text.

3. To contest a ticket: Persons wishing to contest a ticket may appeal the ticket through the Student Government Traffic Appeals Board within ten (10) calendar days from the date the ticket was issued.  Forms and procedures are available in the Student Government Office in the McMahon Centennial Complex.

4. Repeated citations will result in the loss of campus parking privileges.

5. Tickets are issued to the vehicle, not the operator and are the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle with the university.  Students and employees are responsible for any unregistered vehicle operated by them regardless of vehicle ownership.


A. Student shall be defined as a person enrolled in any credit and/or non-credit hour course(s) and is not a salaried employee of the University.

B. Visitor shall be defined as a person who has NO formal affiliation, association or relationship with the university as student, faculty or staff, but is conducting business on campus.

C. Loading Zone shall be defined as any space used for the expeditious loading of persons, equipment or material by the regular occupants, caretakers or commercial carriers providing service to that location.

D. Holiday shall be defined as those days, coinciding with Academic Calendar holidays (e.g. between semesters, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, etc.) as published in the class schedule.

E. Vehicle shall be defined as any device by which any person or property is, or may be, transported or driven on a thoroughfare excluding devices propelled by human power.

General Information

A. All thefts, accidents, assaults or any other offense that occurs on university property should be reported immediately to the Office of Public Safety of the officer on duty.

B. A record of all serial numbers on valuables should be kept and auto accessories marked for identification.  (Contact the Office of Public Safety for use of an engraving tool).  Write your name and address in all textbooks.

C. Keys or valuables should not be left in vehicles and vehicles should be locked at all times.

D. University Public Safety Officers are duly certified and commissioned peace officers of the State of Oklahoma with the same authority and responsibility as any other state police officers.

E. Any person on university property is required to produce proper identification upon demand by any University Public Safety Officer or any other administrative representative of the university.

F. All of the general, traffic and criminal laws of the State of Oklahoma are declared to be in full force and effect within the areas under the control and jurisdiction of Cameron University.  Enforcement of these laws shall be the duty of the Public Safety Officers assigned to the Office of Public Safety.

G. A parked vehicle may receive repeated citations for the same offense at the rate of one citation for each twenty-four (24) hour period per location.

H. As a courtesy, the Office of Public Safety gives assistance in retrieving keys locked in vehicles and "dead battery" starts on campus provided the vehicle owner signs a "Release of Liability" form.

I. Lost & Found Property: The Office of Public Safety is the repository for all lost and found property.  Found property should be brought to the office as soon as possible.

J. No person shall willfully fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or direction of a Public Safety Officer, any university administrator or interfere with a Student Security Officer in the performance of his/her duties.

K. Parking areas striping codes (see paragraph V, G, 2, 3, 6, 11 and 12 above, for details):

Blue:  Reserved for Faculty and Staff Red:   Fire Zone - Loading White: "Open" Parking - Permit Required Yellow: Visitor or "Timed" Parking