Faculty Exam Instructions

** For faculty use only.

Please complete this form no later than 2 weeks prior to the proctored exam start date.

When the Testing Center receives your form, we distribute the exam information to the Lawton Testing Center (Temporarily in Ross Hall, Rm 100), the CU Duncan testing center, ProctorU, and any off-campus proctors.

CU policy and Cameron’s agreement with the Higher Learning Commission requires that every online course must include at least one proctored exam each semester. No less than two weeks prior to your proctored exam, please go to the link below and submit your proctor information. Since our students are able to test with ProctorU, please submit your exam instructions as soon as possible. ProctorU charges our students based on the length of an exam and by when the student makes the appointment to test. The later you submit your instructions, the more it costs the students. 

Proctor Instructions

  • Student MUST show proper picture identification (i.e. Drivers License, Military ID, Student ID)
  • Passwords MUST not be shared with students at ANY time.
  • NO electronic device (pager, cell phone, MP3 player, etc.)
  • Student MUST remain in the exam window at all times. Students may NOT access email, course related materials, Wikipedia, browse the web, Google or any other such activity.
  • Students may NOT print, copy, reproduce or otherwise retain exam questions or answers.
  • Students may NOT leave the test room for any reason until exam is completed. If a student leaves the test room for any non-emergency reason, the exam will be considered completed.
  • Best Contact Number is for Proctor use ONLY. It is NOT to be given out.

Faculty Exam Instructions F21

Allowable Materials