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Cameron Library Course Reserve Guidelines (For Faculty)


Faculty or departments may place physical items on Reserve with a limited loan period in order to allow a maximum number of students to use them. Items may include library books, photocopies of journal articles and book chapters, videotapes, CDs, textbooks, personal books, copies of personal lecture notes, exams, bibliographies, syllabi, or other items.

Place Items on Reserve

Instructors should complete a Reserve Request Form and submit items to the Circulation Department for processing. Please include complete bibliographic information for all copied personal materials!

Please note: Cameron Library is NOT responsible for loss of personal materials and cannot replace any lost or damaged items.

Items NOT Acceptable for Reserve

  • A photocopy or photocopies of an entire book or of more than one chapter or of more than ten percent of a book 
  • Unauthorized audio and video recordings
  • Personal cassettes, DVDs, CDs or other electronic format containing copyrighted music or other audio media 
  • Photocopies of all or any part of commercially published workbooks, study guides or answer keys without the publisher's written permission 
  •  Materials owned by other libraries 

to Remove Items from Reserve

Library-owned material will be removed from Reserve immediately after the semester ends.

Material not owned by the library also will be removed from Reserve after the semester ends unless otherwise instructed. The removed material will be returned by our library staff to the owners .