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Student Achievement Data - Graduate Programs

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requires that institutions publish student achievement data for graduate programs. Retention and graduation information posted below is for graduate students by graduate program. When viewing this information please note that

  • Graduate students new to the university as a graduate student are included in the cohort in the first semester they are enrolled after receiving a bachelor's degree in which they are taking graduate courses that count towards a degree;
  • All graduate students, both part-time and full-time, are included in the calculation for retention and graduation rates;
  • Retention rates are computed by academic year (Summer, Fall, Spring) and include students who re-enrolled in the next academic year;
  • Graduation rates are based on the number of students who have graduated within 2, 3, or 4 years after the first semester of attendance as a graduate student. Graduation rates include students who are attending both full-time and part-time. In Fall 2023, 63% of Cameron University’s graduate students attended part-time.

Master’s Degree Programs