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Student Assistant - Library Digital Media Lab

The Eugene D. McMahon Library is seeking a Student Assistant to work at the Digital Media Lab. The individual must provide customer service and have excellent organizational skills. Regular duties include the circulation of Digital Media Lab equipment, maintaining equipment, tracking the equipment through the use of a computer database, helping students with programs on the computers if necessary, and 3D printing. Other duties may be assigned by the Digital Media Lab Supervisor, for example, occasionally helping out at the Circulation desk when needed. The candidate will receive on the job training for both the Circulation Desk as well as the Digital Media Lab. The Candidate will also receive training in the Library of Congress call number system and basic Digital Media Lab duties. The individual will report to their supervisor for daily duties.


This position is open to currently enrolled Cameron students with a tolerance for standing for long periods of time. Successful applicants must be able to lift at least 20 pounds or more and be willing and able to follow written and verbal direction. A successful applicant must have a basic understanding of computer software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrate and have a working knowledge of camera equipment. A successful applicant must be flexible, punctual, reliable, and be a positive team player with fellow student workers as well as Library staff.


Please download the application and send the completed application form, a cover letter, your Summer class schedule, and a current resume to:

Library Specialist - Jade Cobb at