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2023-2024 - Resident Assistant – Office of Student Housing and Residence Life

The position of Resident Assistant (RA) within the Office of Student Housing and Residence Life is a live-in, 9 month (August –May), para-professional position that requires the RA to reside in their designated area of responsibility. The RA is responsible for maintaining and fostering a community of 20-50 residents. RAs report to a Student Housing and Residence Life professional staff member.


Resident Assistants at Cameron University are required to fulfill a diverse set of duties and responsibilities. These duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to administrative, counseling, programmatic, and policy enforcement.


  • Must have a 2.5 GPA at time of application, and must maintain a 2.5 GPA the entirety of their time as a Resident Assistant.
  • Must maintain full time academic status throughout the entire contract year.
  • Must be in good academic standing throughout the entire contract year.


  • Must be able to work with a diverse group of students in a residential environment, and have high resolve in finding solutions to difficult situations.
  • Must have good time management skills, and must maintain a high level of visibility and availability to residents.
  • Must demonstrate superior leadership and communication skills.
  • Must work a pre-determined desk/office shift and serve on a duty rotation.
  • Will plan and execute several social, educational, and passive programs throughout the academic year.
  • Must be of strong mind and will. The Resident Assistant position requires high levels of adaptability and responsibility. Resident Assistants deal with a variety of student issues on a daily basis and must have the knowledge, maturity, empathy, and understanding to help students navigate these issues.
  • Will also serve an essential role in policy enforcement. Resident Assistants must develop and maintain a good working knowledge of Student Housing and Residence Life policies along with Cameron University policies and be prepared to enforce these policies fairly.
  • Must be observant and sensitive to issues going on in the residential community and be proactive in working towards resolutions.
  • Must demonstrate a high level of professionalism, promote academic success, and serve as an advocate for the Office of Student Housing and Residence Life.
  • Must maintain consistent, timely, accurate, and professional communication with other Student Housing and Residence Life staff members and campus partners.



  • Flex 15 meal plan (15 meals per week & $300 in flex cash per semester)
  • $150 monthly stipend
  • Receive own room without roommate (if possible) (fees not included)

Cameron Village

  • Flex 10 meal plan (10 meals per week & $325 in flex cash per semester)
  • Able to upgrade to a higher meal plan by paying the difference
  • $100 monthly stipend
  • Receive room within an apartment (fees not included)

Preference will be given to students who have lived on campus at Cameron University for at least one semester prior to applying.


To be considered, applicants will download and complete the Cameron University student employment application, submit a current resume, two professional references, current transcript, and a short response to each of the following questions:

  1. How long have you lived on campus?
  2. Why do you want to be a Resident Assistant?
  3. What is an issue you see in Student Housing and Residence Life? How would you address/improve it?
  4. What other activities are you involved in on campus? How would this impact your role as a Resident Assistant?

All of these materials must be typed and returned to:

Emily Trail

Office of Student Housing and Residence Life

McMahon Learning Center Office 101A

(580) 581-5907 |

Your application will NOT be complete until all required materials are turned into the Office of Student Housing and Residence Life.


  • RA applications open on February 13th, and are due March 20th 11:59pm
  • Information Sessions will be on February 15th at 2:00pm, February 21st 7:00pm, March 2nd 10:00am
  • Group Process will be on March 28th at 5:30pm in the Shepler Ballroom
  • Individual Interviews will be on April 3rd - 5th
  • Offers will be sent out starting the week of April 10th
  • All Resident Assistants are required to attend RA Training. For the Fall 2023, RA Training will begin on July 30th, 2023 and go through housing opening on August 12th, 2023

For any questions, please contact Emily Trail at or call (580) 581-5907