Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

2024 Class Gift 

The Mission of the Class Gift Campaign is Simple:

To promote a philanthropic spirit among the graduating class by providing students the opportunity to leave their legacy at the university they call home. Through a collective effort, the senior class has a chance to give both their time and financial resources in order to leave their mark on Cameron University and take their first step toward becoming proud alumni.

By giving to the class gift, you say "thanks" for the many life-shaping educational opportunities created by Cameron and allow future generations to receive the same high quality education. Be a part of that history. 

Why Should I Give?

This is a great way to begin the tradition of giving back to your soon-to-be alma mater. Your participation shows your confidence in Cameron's mission and the education you received.

This is the class's chance to leave a legacy and make a difference for the next generation of Aggies.  

What is the 2024 Class Gift?

The 2024 Class Gift Committee proposes we use the funds raised to create a blue light room on campus. This is a space that helps students relax and de-stress. As a class that was greatly impacted by the shift caused by the pandemic, we want to help ensure that students have more resources focused on improving mental health and relieving stress.

How can I contribute?

You can click on the "Give Now" button at the bottom of this page and make your contribution now! Below are the giving level options. Please contact the Alumni Office with any questions.

Membership Only - $15

  • CUAA Membership - 1 Year (no contribution to the class gift)

Gold Level - $20.24

  • Contribution to the Class Gift

Black Level - $60

  • CUAA membership - 1 Year
  • Contribution to the Class Gift
  • Custom Frame (a frame for a photo and a place to mount your tassel)

Ole' Kim Level - $250 (best value)

  • CUAA Lifetime Membership
  • Contribution to the Class Gift
  • Custom Frame (a frame for a photo and a place to mount your tassel)
  • Cap and Gown (must pick up voucher from Alumni Office and present it to the Bookstore by 4 pm on Fri, Mar 15)