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Registering New Organizations

Prior to applying for University recognition, the group must meet the following criteria:

  1. Organizations must have at least one faculty or staff advisor who is a current member of the faculty or professional staff at Cameron University.
  2. Members must be currently enrolled students (full-time or part time) in good standing with the University. A roster must be submitted with the members' names and ID numbers.
  3. Organizations should maintain a membership of at least seven (7) qualified individuals.
  4. Officers of each organization are to have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.00, and not be on any sort of academic or disciplinary sanction, nor have any type of enrollment hold.
  5. Organizations are to operate under a constitution approved by the University, of which a copy must be kept on file in the Office of Campus Life. ( Sample constitution )
  6. The organization's stated purpose must not be subversive to the United States of America, the State of Oklahoma, or Cameron University.
  7. The organization must comply with the nondiscrimination policy set forth by Title IX. Should a student organization with religious associations choose to limit its membership based on religious beliefs and practices, the organization would be required to present in its constitution its sincerely held religious beliefs, observance requirements, standards of conduct, or missions that justify the decision to limit membership.
  8. No group will be recognized that serves a similar function as SGA, PAC, or Residence Hall Association.
  9. No group will be recognized if their primary function is to serve as a subservient support group or auxiliary branch of another organization.
  10. Organizations who have been inactive for 3 or more academic years will need to complete the process to be recognized as a new student organization.

After the group has been formed and meets the above criteria, the group should adhere to the following steps to achieve University recognition:

  1. At least one executive officer and the advisor meets with the Office of Campus Life to review the constitution and any bylaws of the organization.
  2. After reviews and recommendations, the Office refers the constitution to the Student Services Committee (SSC) for review.
  3. SSC reviews the constitution and bylaws and meets with the group representative and the advisor.
  4. After the meeting, SSC decides whether to recommend the organization for recognition or to send recommendations back to the group for improvements. If SSC sends the constitution back to the group, it may then repeat the process.
  5. The recommendation of SSC is forwarded to the Office of Student Development for final approval.

All applications for new student organizations are due to the Office of Campus Life prior to October 1 (for consideration for the Spring Semester) and March 1 (for consideration for the Fall Semester).

Points Considered by the Student Services Committee

The committee will review the constitution of the petitioning organization and talk to the organization’s representative and advisor. The SSC will base its recommendation on:

  • The structure and content of the constitution and bylaws.
  • Purpose of the group, as to being beneficial to the  University community.
  • How well the group meets the criteria of recognition.
  • Whether or not the organization’s purpose is already being adequately accomplished by another campus entity.