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General Requirements

Access to current and accurate information is an essential factor in the University's ability to respond effectively to a critical incident involving Cameron students. In an effort to ensure individuals responsible for providing assistance have the information needed and all travel is documented, travel coordinators are responsible for completing the following steps prior to travel:

  • Complete and submit the Student Travel Authorization Request (Forms Directory, T-6) and Student Travel Roster (Forms Directory, T-7) at least 72 hours prior to departure for in-state travel, 10 days prior to departure for out-of state travel and at least two weeks prior to departure for international travel. These forms should be submitted to the Office of Student Services once appropriate signatures have been received. Forms for Department of Athletics travel should be submitted to the Director of Athletics. An updated Student Travel Roster and any changes to travel plans must be documented and submitted prior to departure. Information submitted should include the names, student identification numbers, and emergency contact information for each participant traveling. This information will be used by University staff members to assist student participants in case of an emergency. It is imperative that a correct and up-to-date list of participants and travel plans are available on campus.
  • Submit a Travel Request for Leave and Reimbursement (Forms Directory, T-3) for each faculty and staff member traveling with the students.
  • Obtain copies of Voluntary Assumption of Risk and Informed Consent forms (Forms Directory, T-8) for each participant prior to departure. These forms must be kept on file in the sponsoring department and maintained according to university records retention policies. In the instance of students traveling frequently with a team to various competitions, only one copy needs to be on file for the duration of that particular competition season.

Student Travel Policy

The opportunity to represent Cameron University throughout the state, nation and world is one of the many benefits available to Cameron students. The university has established a travel registration process to promote the safety and welfare of students.

To view the policy in its entirety, visit the university's policy page at Locate Student Travel Policy.

Does the Policy Apply To Me?

Specifically, the policy is applicable when any of the following circumstances apply:

  • The event is funded by the University,
  • The travel is undertaken using a vehicle owned or leased by the University,
  • The activity or event is required or organized by a recognized student organization, or
  • The travel is undertaken under the scope, direction or election of a department, class, university office, learning community, study abroad program, recognized student organization, or their representatives.