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Directory Information

According to FERPA and Oklahoma Open Records Act, directory information (as defined below) may be released without consent of the student unless the students has requested in writing that this information not be released. When you applied for admission to the university, you were asked to indicate your desire to either keep this information confidential or to allow the university to release the information when requested. We realize that during your time at Cameron University, you may wish to change your status related to releasing this information or keeping it confidential. Please note that by choosing to have your directory information remain confidential, your name will not appear in Cameron publications or news released related to honor roll listings, lists of graduates, honors, awards, student organization membership, etc.

You may change your confidentiality status related to the release of directory information by completing a Request to Revise Status of Student Directory Information and returning the original, signed copy to the Office of the Registrar on the 2nd floor of North Shepler or at the main office at Cameron University-Duncan.

Directory information includes full name, mailing address, telephone number, enrollment status, athletic program information, previous institution most recently attended, degrees and awards received, dates of attendance, date of graduation, major, academic classification and participation in officially recognized organizations, activities.