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Food Services

Cameron University Food Service welcomes you to campus. We look forward to meeting you as you dine with us this year. Your comments, suggestions, and menu ideas are always appreciated. Do not hesitate to discuss them with the Food Service Director. Your input is important in our efforts to provide a top quality food service program.

Food service is available in the following locations:

Shepler Cafeteria and McMahon Centennial Complex (MCC) Davis Student Union

Food surveys will be distributed periodically in the cafeteria. All surveys are reviewed and discussed by the Dining Committee.

General Information

  • Flex cash can be used at either the MCC or cafeteria.
  • All unused flex cash during a fall semester will roll over to the spring semester as long as the student has a meal plan for the spring semester. Should a student not have a meal plan for the spring semester, any unused flex cash from the fall semester will be lost.
  • Any unused flex cash at the end of a spring semester will be lost. No flex cash will roll or carry over at the end of the spring semester.
  • For short weeks (Fall Break, Thanksgiving break, etc.), the number of meals on your plan will prorated to the number of days that week. Break periods are not included in meal plans, and meals are not served during Thanksgiving and Spring Break.
  • Menus and special events will be posted. For questions, call x2387. Visit the Food Service website.
  • Food surveys will be distributed periodically in the cafeteria. All surveys are reviewed and discussed by the Dining Committee.

Cameron Cash

Opening a Cameron Cash Account is a convenient way of making “Cash Free” food purchases on campus. You will be able to make food purchases without being charged sales tax. For more information on the convenient, money saving service, inquire at Student Accounts in the Administration Building.

Changing Meal Plans

  • Meal plans can only be changed during the first two weeks of the semester.
  • You can change your meal plan by visiting the Student Housing Office.

Commuter Plans

Commuter meal plans are available for those students who do not live in campus housing but are interested in dining regularly in the cafeteria. There are two plans available- 10 meals per semester and 30 meals per semester. Contact Student Accounts to add a commuter plan to your account.

The cafeteria is open to all students, regardless of whether or not you have purchased a meal plan. See the Cameron Dining website for the door prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dining Committee

The Dining Committee is comprised of residents and a representative from the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the Student Government Association (SGA). The committee meets regularly to discuss improving the on-campus food services program. The goals of the Dining Committee are 1) to solicit input from residents regarding the quality of the food services program, 2) to serve as a resource for residents to answer food services questions, 3) to provide input on food services projects to the university, and 4) to discuss food service issues and concerns and to provide suggestions for improvement. Residents can volunteer to serve on the Dining Committee by contacting the Director of Student Housing – x2392.

Cafeteria Rules and Regulations

  • To enter the cafeteria, you must have your Shepler ID Card or pay door prices.
  • The Cafeteria does provide some "to-go" meal options for students who may have class or work conflicts. Food Services may limit what options are available for "to-go" meals from the Cafeteria and may deny a student the option of a "to-go" meal if the student is abusing the privilege.
  • Food cannot be taken from the cafeteria, with the exception of an ice cream cone.
  • Sick? And still need a meal? First, call the Executive Chef at ext. 2388. Then send your ID card down with a friend to pick up your meal.
  • Unless you have purchased a Block Meal Plan, you may not use your meal card for any guest. You can use Cameron Cash or Flex Dollars.
  • The cafeteria operates on an “All You Care to Eat” basis.
  • You are required to bus your own table.
  • All meal plans must be paid in full by the deadline for all Housing and Meal charges each semester. Students who have an unpaid meal plan balance may have their meal plans suspended until full payment is received. No missed meals will be refunded.
  • All other Residence Hall rules and regulations apply.

You are required to have your Student ID card to enter the cafeteria for meals.