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Degree Works

What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is a degree audit program and an academic advisement tool designed to help advisors and students understand degree requirements. This degree audit program is a web-based program that takes the courses from the academic transcript and reorganizes them to fulfill the requirements for a degree.

What are the benefits of Degree Works?

Degree Works helps you:

  • learn the degree requirements for your major, concentration and/or minor
  • identify courses needed to complete your degree
  • see how the courses you have completed fulfill requirements for your major
  • view the grades, transfer credits, or exceptions applied to your requirements
  • confirm your grade-point average (GPA)
  • find out, before you officially change your major, how the courses completed meet the new major requirements by using the What If option of Degree Works select the right courses for next term

Timeline for Degree Works

Degree Works will go live on March 25, 2013 for faculty and advisors. Degree Works will be used to conduct degree checks on students who plan to graduate in the Fall 2013 semester and beyond.

In the near future, Degree Works will be available for student access through AggieAccess.