Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

2019 CU Engineering and Applied Mathematics Summer Academy

 June 9 –14, 2019

The focus of this academy is to allow students to study and experiment with drone design by learning about the mechanics of flight and computer interface engineering through hands-on system build and design. Students will utilize a 3-D printer to design and construct their drone. Following the Engineering Design Process, students will research, design, test, and redesign their drone systems. Next, using their newly designed drone systems, students will strive to maximize their designs through the redesign process. The final project will include a design competition of the drone systems based on set criteria, and a PowerPoint presentation where students reflect on their design process and the personal growth during the academy.

Tentative Academy Schedule:

Day 1 – Check In, Get Acquainted Games, Self-Defense Interactive Training, CU welcome.

Day 2 – Travel to Chickasha to gain soft skills at the Chickasha Adventure Challenge Course.

Days 3 and 4 – Learning sessions, begin initial design

Day 5 – Field trip (military contractor for drone technology), and afternoon session: understanding the engineering design process, continue initial team designs.

Day 6 – Revise team designs, test, and compete.

Day 7 – Close, Student Presentations, Academy Jeopardy, Catered Lunch for students and families, Check Out.

*Each day will include meals and evening entertainment for academy participants.


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