Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Faculty and Staff


Von Underwood portrait

Dr. Von Underwood

Professor and Chair
Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 2025

Ph.D., Boston University

David Bublitz Profile Image

David Bublitz

Associate Professor and Student Media Adviser
Academic Commons, Room 105

MFA, Oklahoma City University

Dr. William Carney Profile Image

Dr. William Carney

Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 2015

Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Leah Chaffins Profile Image

Leah Chaffins

Assistant Professor
Nance-Boyer Hall, 2041

MFA, Oklahoma City University

Donna Clopton Profile Image

Donna Clopton

Instructor - French/German/Russian
Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 2012

MA, University of Kentucky - Lexington

Dr. José Antonio González Profile Image

Dr. José Antonio González

Associate Professor
Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 1004

PhD, Florida State University

Mark Hamilton Profile Image

Mark Hamilton

Instructor/Student Support Services Writing Lab Director
Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 2035

MA, Indiana University

Dr. James Heflin Profile Image

Dr. James Heflin

Associate Professor
Academic Commons, Room 114

PhD., University of Southern Mississippi - Hattiesburg

Dr. John Hodgson Profile Image

Dr. John Hodgson

Associate Professor
Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 2045

PhD, University of Oklahoma

Dr. Mattison Jenkins Profile Image

Dr. Mattison Jenkins

Academic Commons, Room 104

Ed.D., Delta State University

Dr. Yingqin Liu Profile Image

Dr. Yingqin Liu

Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 2043

PhD, Texas Tech University

Dr. John Morris Profile Image

Dr. John Morris

Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 2027

PhD, Arizona State University

Dr. Carie Schneider Profile Image

Dr. Carie Schneider

Assistant Professor and Director of Composition
Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 2047

PhD, University of Arizona

Dr. Christopher Stiebens

Dr. Christopher Stiebens

Nance Boyer 2049

Ph.D., Cappella University M.S., Cameron B.S., Cameron University

Katie Stringer

Katie Stringer

Instructor and Director of Forensics
Academic Commons, Room 122

MA, West Texas A&M University

Dr. Justin D. Walton

Dr. Justin D. Walton

Academic Commons, Room 119

PhD, University of Oklahoma

Dr. Yanjun Zhao

Dr. Yanjun Zhao

Associate Professor
Academic Commons, Room 112

PhD, Southern IL University - Carbondale

Professional & Administrative Staff

John Cunningham Profile Image

John Cunningham

Digital Media Mgr & Esports Coach
Academic Commons, Room 113

BS, Cameron University

Carolynne Worrell

Carolynne Worrell

Administrative Assistant I
Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 2014

Adjunct Faculty

Laura Clevenger Profile Image

Laura Clevenger


M.S., Multidisciplinary Studies, English, Cameron University B.A., University of Oklahoma

Dr. Brandon Dollarhite Profile Image

Dr. Brandon Dollarhite


D.Min., Southern Methodist University M.Div., Southern Methodist University B.M., Cameron University

Maureen DuRant Profile Image

Maureen DuRant


MFA, Creative Writing, Queens University Library & Information Science, Texas Woman's University B.S., Secondary English Education, University of Cincinnati

Dr. Jennie L. Hanna Profile Image

Dr. Jennie L. Hanna

English / Communication

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma M.A., Cameron University B.A., Cameron University

Tammara Hoyt Profile Image

Tammara Hoyt


MFA, Creative Writing, University of Arkansas at Monticello; B.A., English, Cameron University

Sandra Hurst Profile Image

Sandra Hurst


MAT: English, Cameron University; M.S., Cameron University; B.A., Cameron University

Dr. Todd McDaniels Profile Image

Dr. Todd McDaniels


Ph.D., M.A., B.F.A., University of Buffalo SUNY M.S., Cameron University

Dr. Misty Neal Profile Image

Dr. Misty Neal

English / Communication

J.D., Oklahoma City University M.S., University of Oklahoma B.A., Cameron University

Roberto Valentin Profile Image

Roberto Valentin


MAT: Spanish, Cameron University B.A., Cameron University

C. Denise Clark Profile Image

C. Denise Clark


M.Ed. Cameron University

Emeritus Faculty

Steve Adams Profile Image

Steve Adams

Assistant Professor (2018)

M.S. and B.S., Oklahoma State University

Dr. Marie-Ginette Baillargeon Profile Image

Dr. Marie-Ginette Baillargeon

Associate Professor (2018)

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Dr. Scherrey Cardwell Profile Image

Dr. Scherrey Cardwell

Professor (2008)

M.A., Ph.D., University of Arkansas B.A., St. John's College

Dr. Ron Price Profile Image

Dr. Ron Price

Professor (2015)

Ph.D., University of Kansas B.A., M.A., Abilene Christian University

Dr. Teresa Lubrano Profile Image

Dr. Teresa Lubrano

Professor (2015)

M.A., Ph.D., University of Oklahoma B.A., M.A., Central State University

Dr. Vivian Thomlinson Profile Image

Dr. Vivian Thomlinson

Professor (2014)

M.A., Ph.D., Texas Women's University B.S., East Texas State University

Retired Faculty

Brenda Honeycutt Profile Image

Brenda Honeycutt

Instructor (2016)

B.A., M.S., Cameron University

Misael Santiago Profile Image

Misael Santiago

Instructor (2014)

B.A., MAT, Cameron University

In Memoriam

In memory of Dr. George Stanley Profile Image

In memory of Dr. George Stanley


B.A., M.A., Texas Tech University D.Litt., University of Port Elizabeth (South Africa)

In memory of Tony Allison Profile Image

In memory of Tony Allison

Associate Professor (2013)

M.A., Southwest Texas State University B.A., Abilene Christian University