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Safety Data Sheet

Safety data sheets (SDS) formally MSDSs are required by law to be provided by manufacturers or vendors of products containing hazardous materials. SDS information will include chemical composition, exposure limits, potential health effects, first aid procedures, personal protective equipment requirements, and spill/ leak procedures.

SDS may be obtained in the following manner:

  1. Shipped with your chemical order
  2. Search the links below
  3. Request them from the manufacturer or vendor. Listed below are a few references:
    1. Fisher Scientific:
    2. Malinkrodt/Baker (now Avantor):  Search by product number, product name or CAS number.
    3.  Sigma-Aldrich:  Search by product number.
    4.  VWR: Searchable website.

SDS Links:

Other informative links (these are not SDSs, but contain relative information):