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Setting up your APA Cover Page for Success


[00:00:00] Hi, my name is faith Houston, and I'm the Assistant Academic Success Coordinator for the Center for Writers and Academic Success here at Cameron University. Welcome to our new YouTube series--CU you at tutoring.

So, starting out for APA 7, you are going to need a page number at the top. So, in order to do this, you're going to select the insert tab up at the top. You're going to hover over to page number. Top of page. And then if you float over that, you can select one of these options. So, for APA 7, the page number needs to be at the top right of the paper.

So you're going click that one. And as you can see, it's got the number up here, but what it doesn't do. It's automatically put that in times new Roman, which it needs to be. So I'm going go down to times new Roman, select that and then make sure it's also size 12 font. [00:01:00] So this is something that, especially the center for writers that we see a lot students forget to go in and change that page number to the correct font or the font that the rest of their paper is in.

Like I said, Microsoft word defaults to Calibri for things like this. So just go in and double check that. You're also going to want to go ahead and select and make sure that this is going be in double spaced. Um, so you just go down select that arrow and then for the title page, everything is going need to be centered.

So that's a little bit more unique and you start the title page about halfway down, , and. That doesn't feel natural. Right? Because you're just like, I want to start it at the top, but make sure that you do go about halfway down, give or take, , and then starting out, the first thing you need to have is the title of your paper and this needs to be bolded.

So let's say for example, but the title of our paper is say learning styles.

And [00:02:00] it has defaulted me back to Calibri. So there might kind of be a little bit of an ongoing battle with getting this to the right font. And it needs to be size 12. Sometimes you just got to catch it. So let's say for example, learning styles, double spaced. Okay. Good. Turn that bold off the rest of this is not going be bolded.

Next. You're going have your name. I'll do mine, for example, First name, middle name abbreviation, and then my last name. Okay. And then next you want to have the department that this course was in and, what university. So

obviously I'm making all of this up kind of as I go, So this is not word for word exactly how, how yours might [00:03:00] need to look. But this is just an example of a template sort of next. We want to have the name of the course and, it written out, so let's say.

So that is kind of how that will look. And you're going have your professor name. So let's just say Dr. Dr. Carney here teaches English classes, but I, again, I'm just making this all up and then you're going have the assignment due date, not the date you started working on it, not the date you made the title page.

So let's say the due date is today's date.

So this is an example of a title page, doing it fairly quickly, make sure we're doing it right again. I want to make sure that everything is in times in Roman it's in point 12 font. I've got that page number at the top. And then it is, see it, try to go back to Calibri so [00:04:00] just going back through, like I'm doing right now and double checking all this, just to make sure, because sometimes Microsoft would just try to kind of do a little bit of a battle, , with getting everything.

Correct. See, it's putting up a little bit of fight with me with doing times new Roman and saying it doesn't want to do it. I'm going force it to do it. Okay. So there we go. Now you can see that is in times new roman but that's a great example of sometimes the little tweaks and things that you have to go back and like triple check before you turn in your paper.

But this for this is for APA seven. This is a sample of how your title page is going look. Um, if you have any questions, please come see us at Cameron university. If you're a student at the center for Writers and we can also help you format this as well, but I really hope that this was helpful and that you enjoyed this video.

Have a great rest of your day.[00:05:00]