Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus


Billie Whipp portrait

Billie Whipp

Student Success Coordinator
Nance-Boyer 2075A

Goals for the Student Enrichment Center (SEC): The SEC team is here to provide support to students in both academic and non-academic areas. We want to help and guide you in becoming all you are capable of and to achieve your educational dreams! We offer academic coaching, workshops, skills development in personal finances and for the workplace as well as community resource information. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas Tech University, 1993 Masters of Science in Behavior Sciences from Cameron University, 1998

Courtney Henderson portrait

Courtney Henderson

Administrative Assistant
Nance-Boyer 2075
Crista Smith Profile Image

Crista Smith

Student Success Coach
Nance-Boyer 2080

Coaching Mindset: I believe coaching is helping one learn about themselves and how they approach situations. As a coach I am here to enlighten you, to various approaches. Bachelor of Science – Liberal Studies with emphasis in Natural Sciences (Biology, Agriculture, Environmental Science and Animal Science), Lincoln University of Missouri

Tee Davis-Gray Profile Image

Tee Davis-Gray

Student Success Coach
Nance-Boyer 2081

Coaching Mindset: I believe that Coaching is about empowering students with the knowledge that there is help available and where/how to access it so that they can successfully complete your academic journey. Associate of Science in Business, 2007 Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from Cameron University, 2013 Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership from Cameron University, 2021

Madison Marshall Profile Image

Madison Marshall

Student Success Coach
Nance-Boyer 2078

Coaching Mindset: I am here to encourage, motivate, and hold you accountable so that you can reach your goal of higher education. My hope is that I can help provide you with tools for success so that you can go forth and do amazing things! Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Cameron University, 2021

Jeremy Toombs Profile Image

Jeremy Toombs

Financial Resource Specialist
Nance-Boyer 2084C

Financial Coaching Mindset: I want to empower students make good financial choices and help them have a positive relationship with money. When students increase their financial well-being, they perform better in their classes and have an easier transition into the workforce. Financial coaching is all about helping students reach their goals regarding money. Bachelor of Music from Cameron University, 2009 Masters of Arts in Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2019

Isabella Myers Profile Image

Isabella Myers

Work-based Learning Experiences Coordinator
Nance-Boyer 2082

Goals for the CU Learn to Earn Program: Provide soft skill training to students. Assist students in finding on campus work study opportunities and off campus job shadowing and/or internships. Associate of Arts in Strategic Communications from Cameron University, 2020 Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Production from Cameron University, 2020

Jose Olivo Profile Image

Jose Olivo

Community Resource Coordinator
Nance-Boyer 2083

Goals for the CU Students: To help students obtain stable living situations so they can be in a place where they can focus on class and extra curriculars. Associate of Arts in Strategic Communication from Cameron University, 2020 Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications from Cameron University, 2021