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Academic Integrity Proctoring Agreement

Statement of Purpose

Academic integrity is essential to our institutional values of respect, responsibility, discovery, and excellence. These values are fundamental to the everyday function of our academic community, as well as to the goals and vision we have for Cameron University.

Each member of our community - faculty, staff, and students alike - must be committed to the principles of honesty and fairness. Faculty and staff are expected to model appropriate behavior and demonstrate their commitment to our community. Students also bear responsibility for upholding the culture of integrity in our community. Maintaining this culture, and our institutional values, requires that students do not tolerate the actions of those community members who engage in inappropriate behavior.


Academic integrity ensures that all students have a fair and equal opportunity to succeed. Any behavior that provides an unfair advantage to one student is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Each piece of work completed by a student must be solely a reflection of that student's own work or his or her contribution to a collaborative effort.

Proctoring Policy

The following procedure for proctoring exams will be strictly adhered to:

  • Instructors or faculty provide an amount of time required to complete an exam. This time frame is used to determine whether or not a student has sufficient time to complete the exam before the Testing facility closes. If there is not sufficient time to complete the exam before the Testing facility closes the student will not be allowed to begin the exam and will need to reschedule for another day.
  • Cameron University - Lawton testing facilities require students to arrive 15 minutes plus exam duration time allowed by instructor in order to test. Example: If an instructor allots 60 minutes for an exam a student must arrive within 75 or more minutes before the Testing facility closes or he/she will NOT be allowed to begin an exam.
  • Students using other testing facilities MUST contact their approved testing proctor for specific center instructions and rules for testing as well as scheduling procedures.
  • Student must show proper picture identification (i.e. Driver’s license, Military ID, Student ID).
  • Starting and ending time as well as name of exam will be recorded by proctor.
  • Exam Password will be entered by proctor. NEVER will it be given to the Student.
  • Student may NOT have personal items at exam station (i.e. Cell-Phone, PDA, Palm Pilot, Purse etc.). The proctor will require the student to surrender these items before exam is administered. Testing facilities are not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items checked. To ensure safety of these items, please leave them in your vehicle or at home while testing.
  • Google Glass, Smart Watches or any other Bluetooth enabled devices are not permitted in the testing area.
  • Calculators, note paper, books and notes will only be allowed with Instructor's written permission.
  • Students are not permitted to browse the internet, access email, course materials, computer software or use any other form of electronic aid unless specified by the instructor.
  • Under no circumstances is the student permitted to print, copy or remove exam material from testing premises.
  • Cheating is NEVER tolerated and examinees will be asked to stop testing and leave the Testing facility if found cheating. If an examinee is found cheating on any exam, the instructor will be notified immediately and appropriate actions will be taken (for more information on consequences of cheating, please see Cameron University Student Handbook). Cheating may include making an effort to remove test materials or notes from the testing room, not following test procedures, failing to stop work when time is called, disturbing or attempting to get answers from another examinee, using unauthorized aids during testing and disregarding the proctor's instructions.
  • Talking among examinees is not allowed. Noise level must also be kept to a minimum.
  • Students requesting special accommodations must register with the Office of Student Development prior to exam.