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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost money to join the SSS Program?
No, -- everything in the SSS Program is FREE!

Why should I join the SSS Program?
SSS provides outstanding academic support and academic enrichment activities to help you achieve your educational goals. We have a staff of tutors and academic advisors ready to help you succeed in college. SSS activities include financial assistance information, help with FAFSA, SSS specific workshops/culture trips to build social skills with other SSS member, advisement and enrollment services, and referrals to campus and community resources.

What will I be required to do?
Once you have been accepted into the SSS Program, you will be required to maintain at least half-time enrollment status to remain active in SSS, participate in tutoring to maintain at least a 2.3 GPA, visit with your academic advisors monthly, participate in activities designed to help you set and reach your academic goals, participate in cultural and social activities designed to enrich your college experience each semester, and to help you make a real commitment to achieve academic excellence.

How long can I be in the SSS Program?
You are considered a member of SSS until you graduate from Cameron with your first bachelor's degree.

Can I use the SSS computer lab?
Yes! TRiO offers a full-service computer lab, available and open to current participants in the TRiO programs hosted by Cameron University: Student Support Services, Upward Bound, and Open Doors. The lab provides a quieter and less crowded environment in which students can study, research, learn, and practice computer skills.  The computer stations in the lab have full access to Cameron University's online tools and services, as well as current up-to-date software.