Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus


Kyle Jarman Profile Image

Kyle Jarman

Academic Services Director
North Shepler - Room 113

"Earning a college degree gives a person employment options they didn't have before. It gives them knowledge and new ways of approaching problems intellectually. To me, that is agency. That is being able to chart your own path and have choice in where your life is going. And I think that is wonderful business to be in."

Ben Castricone Profile Image

Ben Castricone

High School Liaison
North Shepler - Room 113

“I love working with students who are brand new to the college experience. I have been guiding and coaching people toward their goals for over 20 years through the Military or Higher Ed. Both institutions have their norms and expectations that when learned, lead to success. I enjoy helping orient students to those norms. Ask me about the “Law of Sacrifice,” and you will understand what it means to be a successful student. Nothing is greater than seeing a student overcome adversity in any form!"

Kensey Garrison Profile Image

Kensey Garrison

High School Liaison
North Shepler - Room 113

"The most fulfilling part of advising students is being able to make their goals tangible by giving them the knowledge and tools to achieve them. I love seeing students shift from uncertainty to excitement once they understand their academic journey."

James King Profile Image

James King

Advisement Specialist
North Shepler - Room 113

“College can be a complicated experience. So I really enjoy helping students navigate their educational journey. Whether it’s giving them personal advice on school-life balance, or just getting them in touch with campus resources like tutoring labs or the library, it is awesome being able to help a student become more self-sufficient and successful.”

Chandler Cowan Profile Image

Chandler Cowan

Administrative Assistant
North Shepler - Room 113

"Interacting with students is often diverse and dynamic. Getting to witness and contribute to their academic success and growth adds a sense of purpose and accomplishment to the role, making it a rewarding experience."