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Math Pathways

As part of your first year advising experience, your academic advisor will almost always suggest that you complete a freshman-level math course sometime in your first two college semesters. Working closely with your advisor to pick the right math class for your college and career goals is critical to your success. No one finds it easy to complete a course when the skills that are taught do not seem connected to the rest of a plan of study, and experts now realize that College Algebra is not always the most useful course for everyone. Through an Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education initiative, Cameron University has identified multiple math pathways that emphasize the importance of learning the mathematics necessary for specific majors and careers. These efforts to make math more relevant stem from a desire to see our students succeed in their chosen fields and in life.

Math Pathways at Cameron University

Math pathways at Cameron University provide you with multiple first-year mathematics course options. Your advisor can help to get you started on a mathematics pathway that is best for your intended major and career.

At Cameron, there are 4 entry-level mathematics courses to choose from:

Math 1413 Survey of Math

Math 1463 Functions and Modelling

Math 1513 College Algebra

STAT 1513 Introduction to Statistics 

Where should you start to decide which course is right for you? Review the chart below to find the right pathways for your chosen major. Not sure of your major? Click on the link to Cameron’s Math Pathways chart to see how the pathways and associated majors align with possible careers. And always talk to your advisor to ensure that you are one the right track!

Survey of Math

MATH 1413

Functions and Modelling

MATH 1463

College Algebra

MATH 1513

Introduction to Statistics

STAT 1513 

Radiologic Technology--AAS

Respiratory Care--AAS

Strategic Communication-AA





International Languages—BA

Journalism and Media Production—BA


Theatre Arts—BA



Early Childhood Education-BS

Elementary Education—BS


Social Studies Education—BS

English Education--BS




Business Administration-BBA

Allied Health-AS

Sports and Exercise Science-BS

Information Technology-AAS





Computer Science-BS

Information Technology-BS


Criminal Justice-AAS

Criminal Justice—BS


Family and Child Studies-BS

Political Science-BA


Be sure to consult with your academic advisor to confirm that you have chosen the correct Math Pathway for your degree program.

Co-Requisite Remediation

To ensure that students move into the appropriate pathway as early as possible in their college careers, Cameron University has implemented co-requisite courses, through which students complete necessary remediation while enrolled concurrently in college-level courses. Co-requisite remediation pairs a support course with a college-level course. Co-requisite remediation is offered for students whose ACT (or equivalent) scores point to a readiness for college-level work with co-requisite support.

Co-Requisite Math Pathways Placement (click here)