Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Care Fund

The Cameron Aggie Response Fund also known as CARE is a fund designated to assist students with immediate needs due to extenuating financial circumstances. The fund has existed since 2016, but recent events have prompted a resurgence in the need and critical use of this fund.

As you may remember, due to the incredible circumstances created by COVID-19, all unrestricted gifts will be going to the CARE Fund, to help our students who are grappling with extra struggles due to the pandemic.

Here is an example of the hardships students have faced:

My dad lost his job due to COVID. It’s been financially pretty hard on my family…This grant would save me a lot of stress, and my family as well. My parents haven’t been able to financially support me, but if they knew I was blessed with this grant, that would take SO much off their plate.
-Lakya M. Leslie


There are many more examples of the hardship students are facing throughout these unprecedented times. You make a difference and your support can be the determining factor in student achievement.

Your gift to the CARE Fund will provide the extra support students need to achieve dreams. On behalf of the students who need your help, please consider a gift to the CARE Fund.